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Check out this AICN Exclusive Poster Debut for HARD BOILED SWEETS!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with a pretty nifty poster debut for the film HARD BOILED SWEETS from director David L.G. Hughes. I haven't seen the film myself, yet plan to check it out after Fantastic Fest-festivities die down. It seems like the kind of flick I'm into - so I'm hopeful. It hits Video On Demand this Friday (Sept. 25th), so if a snappy British heist flick is right up your alley - bam! give it a go.

Check out BritGeek's review HERE.

Ex-con Johnny is forced into pulling a heist he wants nothing to do with. Mob boss 'Shrewd' Eddie has one million in dirty cash stashed at his home, just waiting to be stolen. But what Johnny doesn't know is that seven other very dangerous criminals also have plans to steal the money...

And while we're here, check out the film's official trailer:


- Mike McCutchen



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