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Britgeek Announces THE CONVENT!!


Britgeek here.


I'm always looking for UK indies to support here on AICN, and yes, like I have always said, that means I'm more than happy for any film-makers reading this to get in touch with me about their project


Part of the reason why I write for AICN is to give home-grown movies international exposure while not discriminating against the likes of budgets. It's a tough industry, especially here in the UK, and if I can help in getting the name of your project out there, then just drop me an email.


One such British indie has just commenced principal photography this week. Writer/director Mark Murphy's debut feature THE CONVENT, a horror film that blends the modern fizz of found footage with a more classic supernatural horror element, is shooting in London for the next three weeks. Murphy's 2007 docu-drama CASANOVA'S LAST STAND starred Patrick Bergin and Armand Assante.


Here's the official synopsis:



THE CONVENT tells two interconnecting stories played out in parallel, intercutting with each other. The first story follows five twenty somethings, who, on the hunt for some excitement, break into an abandoned church/convent only to become the victims of the horrors that lurk within.


The second story follows the church's investigation into the tragic 'accident' that resulted in the deaths of the group that broke into the church.



The film is produced by Yvette Hoyle and stars Nicola Posener (PAYBACK SEASON), Mark Harris (GBH), Peter Woodward (THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS), Natalie Stone (WEREWOLF IN A WOMAN'S PRISON) and Lucy Drive (THE BORGIAS).


Murphy commented, “Marrying the 'found footage' genre with a more traditional theatrical style into two inter-lapping stories, is one that I am sure audiences will get excited about. When your high concept is Paranormal Activity meets Blair Witch meets The Exorcist, you know the opportunity to tell a great horror yarn is there for the taking.”







And here are a couple of world exclusive stills! 


















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