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BBC Releases 25 Exciting Photographs Depicting Saturday’s DOCTOR WHO, Titled THE POWER OF THREE!!

I am – Hercules!!

Shades of 2001!

Our planet is apparently invaded by black boxes of extraterrestrial origin, and the BBC has the photography to prove it.

In “The Power of Three,” the “Doctor Who” episode premiering this Saturday on the BBC and BBC America, the extraterrestrial-fighting international military organization UNIT (which was a much bigger part of the series in the 1970s and ‘80s) returns.

Gemma Redgrave (“Howards End”) inherits the role of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, who now runs UNIT, following in the footsteps of her father, former UNIT leader Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

Also? The Ponds make what we’re assured will be their almost-last appearance!

Find all 25 new Who photos here.

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