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TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Trailer Unleashes The Beast In Me!!

The Kidd here...

Lionsgate has finally given us our first look at their coming sequel to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, which will be hitting theatres in 3-D at the beginning of January. This isn't quite as good of a trailer as the teaser for Platinum Dunes' reboot a few years back, but it does operate at a very deliberate pace to sell John Luessenhop's TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D without giving away too many of the scares. 

As it stands now, all you know is that a few unsuspecting youngsters are heading into Leatherface's territory, and he can't be happy about that. There is a formula to the set-up given here, even though the final film strays quite a bit from that path, but it's all about putting asses in the seats, right? Just the revving of the chainsaw is enough to pique interest... to see if another film has done right by Leatherface. We'll have to see if that winds up being the case come the new year.

I'm not quite sure why someone being chased would trap themselves inside a coffin though...


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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