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Lionsgate finally gives You're Next a release date!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Steve at Collider posted a bit of news that was quickly confirmed by Lionsgate regarding the release of the long-in-limbo home invasion flick YOU'RE NEXT.



I loved the film, as did almost every other horror fan I know that has seen it. It doesn't forget to bring fun to what could be just a dour premise.

So, it's great that Lionsgate has finally settled on a release date, the sad part is that it's August 23rd, 2013.

I totally understand that genre does better in the Fall and it's too late to mount a campaign for this year, but I would have rather seen them put it out in January. I know January has a reputation as being a dump month, that post-holiday lull where the studios clean house and release the leftovers essentially, but in recent years it's actually proving to be a fertile month to release edgier material. The Grey cleaned up in January of this year, as did The Devil Inside.

I can see January becoming an interesting new release month in the near future.

But I get it. Horror does better closer to Halloween. I'm not crying, I've seen the damn thing, but I feel bad for those that have to wait almost another full year after hearing about it for so long.

-Eric Vespe
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