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See Double Viggo In This Trailer For EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN!

Nordling here.

I'm a little late on the news front, but there's a rumor going around that Viggo Mortensen might play Doctor Strange in a Marvel adaptation of the comic, and possibly might appear as the character in THOR 2.  That casting sounds great to me (even if Viggo may be a little old for the role).  He's a great actor, who brings real verisimilitude to his performances.  I'd be very curious to see his take on a fantastical character like Strange.

Whether or not that happens, however, he's still getting lots of work in great roles, and this trailer for EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN looks to be no exception.  Not only is Mortensen playing twins, it's a Spanish-speaking role - having lived in Argentina and Venezuela for much of his young life, Mortensen speaks the language fluently - and it looks like it goes to some pretty dark places, much like his role in A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.  It's a terrific trailer, and I'm looking forward to seeing this whenever it opens:

No release date for the United States yet, although it's played TIFF and is open in Spain and Argentina.  Hopefully  we'll get some information on when it opens very soon.

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