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TrekMovie says they've confirmed the title STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!

Hey folks, Harry here... there's a chance that this could simply become undone, if a change of mind occurs, but TrekMovie is claiming that the title for the second JJ Abrams Star Trek film will be STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.   Now they say they've confirmed this with multiple sources and I have no doubt of that.   But we've seen domain names registered and those titles not end up on the final film.  But I'm inclined to trust their story.   NOW - do we like it?   Some reason, it makes me think that the Daleks are removing all the stars and ....  No, sorry...  wrong universe.   So what do you think "Into Darkness" means, beyond the obvious darkening tones it seems to indicate.   Does this mean they'll beam down to a fantasy planey with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry?  What does it mean?

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