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AICwHK: Who is THE AMBASSADOR? Harry welcomes Mads Brugger to The Basement & discusses his film, THE PHANTOM & the purpose of Journalism.

Hey folks, Harry here...  

The episode you see below was the fastest shoot of a full episode in the history of the show.   THE AMBASSADOR is a very powerful documentary about a Danish Journalist named Mads Brugger.  He risked his life to reveal the process by which tens of millions in Blood Diamonds are smuggled out of the Central African Republic.   Mads grew up reading comics of Tarzan, The Phantom and TinTin and behold the amazing man he has become.   His parents were journalists - and his heroes were four-colors.   He's exposed the reality of North Korea, but THE AMBASSADOR is a much different film excursion.  It plays as an intense suspense story about a Journalist who risks all to expose a great evil in the world.  

I loved getting to focus on this great film which is available to see in theaters & online.   Now meet a journalist facing the harshest realities of the real world & surviving to show us the amazing true story.  


Here you go...




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