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If my calculations are correct, when the Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day hits 88mph you’re going to see some serious shit.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic!

Back To the Future! Tada! I mean, I know my hint yesterday was only vague if you are under the age of 4 and/or are living in Dogtooth, but yeah… here it is and it’s a neat one, too.

Below you’ll see Mr. Marty McFly himself, Michael J. Fox, posing with Huey Lewis as Huey films his cameo early in the film as the battle of the bands audition judge. Of course, Huey went on to record Back In Time, the film’s song which is right up there with Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters as being the most catchy/awesome movie tie-in song of the ‘80s.

Thanks to Twitter follower Luc Pestille for bringing this shot to my attention and to (with another shoutout to because if it’s a Back to the Future BTS pic I haven’t seen before I’m willing to bet it originated there).



And here's the shot in color, dug up by those obsessives at, who are strangely not running a website anymore, but their Facebook page is where it's at. Click the image to venture over. Here it is:



My favorite thing about the color version is that it really does look like a disembodied hand is hanging off the 35mm camera behind the two until you realize it's a trick of the eye.

If you have a behind the scenes shot you’d like to submit to this column, you can email me at

Tomorrow’s pic will get some guys hot and bothered, fair warning. Ladies may have to run is all I’m sayin’.

-Eric Vespe
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