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Eddie Murphy Will Play
Axel Foley In CBS Pilot!!

I am – Hercules!!

CBS just beat out the other channels for Eddie Murphy's "Beverly Hills Cop" TV project.

Writer-producer Shawn Ryan (“The Shield,” “Terriers,” “The Unit,” “The Last Resort”) just received a pilot order from the network.

The project would focus on Axel Foley’s cop son, who moves from Detroit to Los Angeles to get out from under his father’s shadow.

Axel Foley, of course, was played by Murphy in three “Beverly Hills Cop” movies. Murphy would reprise the character, now chief of the Detroit police department, in the pilot and on a recurring basis if the pilot goes to series.

Apparently the junior Foley will find himself teaming with a 21st century version of Beverly Hills plainclothesmen Taggart and/or Rosewood.

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