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David Fincher Detaches From Angelina Jolie's CLEOPATRA!!

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Sony's been developing CLEOPATRA for a couple years now with the idea of it being a tent pole centered around Angelina Jolie. Producer Scott Rudin optioned the rights to Cleopatra: A Life, written by Stacy Schiff, and James Cameron almost signed on before Fox committed to AVATAR sequels to tie him up for the next few years. Paul Greengrass was in talks for a little bit, but that never came together, and ultimately the torch was passed onto David Fincher, who already had a solid relationship with Sony, stemming from THE SOCIAL NETWORK and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Well, another torch bearer will need to be found now that Fincher is no longer attached to direct CLEOPATRA.

According to Vulture, things just sort of broke off over time, and now Sony is moving to try to find his replacement with Ang Lee's name being considered among others. 

There hasn't really been much of a timetable for CLEOPATRA as for when we could expect it, so Sony may take their time to find the right fit. As for Fincher, his next project remains a mystery. There's been no confirmation that he'd do the next leg of the Millennium Trilogy and now this is out, so it looks like Fincher has a pretty big opening in his schedule, unless he's that occupied by HOUSE OF CARDS.


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