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Houston! Come Join Us At The End Of Summer This Weekend At Alamo Kids Club For THE SANDLOT! Plus A Freddy Krueger Triple Feature That Night!

Nordling here.

As sports movies go, my favorite of all time is the original BAD NEWS BEARS.  Its sensibilities may be a little rough now for the little ones, and that's a shame because THE BAD NEWS BEARS has so much to say about true sportsmanship, how adults see their children and vice versa, and how kids at play shouldn't be corrupted into a need to win every time.  It's a classic.  

Now, THE SANDLOT isn't on that movie's level.  But it's still a very sweet movie about a young boy's introduction to baseball and true friendship, and a really big dog.  It's also a movie about how the legend can sometimes eclipse the reality.  There's great lessons to be learned in THE SANDLOT as well as THE BAD NEWS BEARS, and it's quite fitting that we at the Alamo Kids Club - myself, the great people at 8th Dimension Comics And Games, and the wonderful people at the Alamo Drafthouse Houston - chose this movie to close out the summer.  We're showing it this weekend at Mason Park, and as always, it's free.

Come join us this Saturday for Kids Club, and for the older set, come back that evening because we're going back to the 1980s for a very special Graveyard Shift.  We're playing a triple NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET feature, but we're starting with NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 and playing on through THE DREAM CHILD.  Dokken.  Peeing dogs.  Robert Englund.  All in 35MM, and only $15. This Saturday starting at 7:30.  Here's something to get you into the spirit:

Hope to see you all there!  Thanks for continuing to make Kids Club and Graveyard Shift here in Houston such a great time.

Nordling, out.  Follow me on Twitter!

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