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Schwarzenegger Is The Sheriff In The First Trailer For THE LAST STAND!!

The Kidd here...

It's definitely cool to see Arnold Schwarzenegger back, kicking ass once again, even if there's a lot more wear and tear on him. He may have gotten a bit older, but there's still some fight left in him, and he's certainly bringing it in the first teaser trailer for Kim Jee-Woon's THE LAST STAND.

You'll get your fill of Schwarzenegger staples, namely the one-liners... and there's definitely a COP LAND feel to some of this (not a bad thing at all). If the cartel is ruthless enough (and that opening showdown with the law makes me think they will be), this should be a fun reminder of why we've always dug Schwarzenegger flicks. 

Can someone explain to me what Johnny Knoxville's deal here is though?


-Billy Donnelly

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