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Now That DAREDEVIL Isn't Happening, What's The Latest On Joe Carnahan's DEATH WISH?!

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And it's onto the next one.

With Joe Carnahan allowing us to lay eyes on his sizzle reels for DAREDEVIL last night, it just cemented the fact that his take for the character isn't going to happen, unless Marvel Studios somehow decides to grow one serious pair of balls and is okay with giving him the keys to take his ultra-violent, R-rated vision for a spin. 

As he told the Radio Dan Show last night as this was all developing on Twitter, they just came into the process too late and ran out of time.

So now Joe's attention moves back to DEATH WISH, which he's continued to work on this entire time. What's the latest on the project? According to Carnahan, it's coming together pretty quickly. 

"I'm winding it down here, brutha. I'm winding it down...  I haven't really talked about this at length, but I'm getting to the end, man. I'm extremely pleased with the way it's shaping up."

"I dont want it to be so specific of a time and a place that you just pinpoint it to 2012 or 2013, but... and again that'll certainly be a challenge... but it's also portraying L.A. as kind of a walking city, which we've never done, and to treat it with the same sprawl that New York was treated with in the first film."

With his schedule opened up right now, does that mean we'll see Carnahan get behind the cameras for DEATH WISH fairly soon?

"Ah, I dont know, brother. Thats' a good question' I do not want to get... you know, listen... I think this is a decent first draft of any script. I'm pretty rigorous about the drafts I turn in. I don't turn in something that's just so ungodly they go,"Oh, what the hell is this?!" I'm not trying to turn in this Dostoevsky, give ya a tome of thousands of pages, but its gonna be... it's a bigger, it's probably bigger than it needs to be right now, so I got a little, do a little editorializing, a little finessing in that way.  Listen, man, I'm treating it like the action that's there is very realisitc and short and ugly and violent and... but it's really its characters that I'm interested in. It's really that's the exploration more than the idea of, I guess, the simplicity of violence versus the complexticy of vengence is really what that movies about."

Sounds like we're getting an extremely deep vigilante flick coming our way from Joe. 

You can check out the whole interview HERE with more of Joe's thoughts on what he'd have liked to do with DAREDEVIL and some more ideas for DEATH WISH and possibly future DEATH WISHes. 


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