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Heather Graham Gets Back Up On The Pole For THE HANGOVER PART III!!

The Kidd here...

Heather Graham is returning to hang with the Wolfpack once more.

While there was no reason to include her character in THE HANGOVER PART II, Graham is now set to reprise her role as the stripper/escort Jade in PART III, according to Variety

This is supposedly the last of THE HANGOVER films (or so they say until they start counting the receipts), and from what I've heard to this point, we should be seeing a departure of the forgetful formula that the first film established and the follow-up virtually copied beat for beat. 

If that is indeed true that this is the finale, it wouldn't surprise me to see more characters from earlier in the series show up for one last hurrah. Black Doug, anyone?

THE HANGOVER PART III is set to bow in theatres for next Memorial Day, where it looks to be lined up for a battle with FAST SIX. Hmmm... we'll see if that showdown remains, or if someone winds up moving. 


-Billy Donnelly

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