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BILL & TED 3 Pulls The GALAXY QUEST Director Into Their Phone Booth!!

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We've been hearing talk of BILL & TED 3 for quite some time, with both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter discussing all the work they've been putting in writing the sequel in order to make sure they've got the characters just right at this point in their lives and consistent with EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and BOGUS JOURNEY. Well, BILL & TED 3 moved from being just talk today to being a lot closer to action, now that Vulture reports that GALAXY QUEST director Dean Parisot is attached to direct. 

Strange things indeed are afoot at the Circle K. 

Reeves and Winter have been a lock to return, but BILL & TED creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson are also involved, having worked to hammer out the script with Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan. 

MGM owns the rights to the original BILL & TED, but that doesn't particularly mean they'll be entirely behind the sequel. Right now, the new film is being shopped around everywhere else, in the hopes of setting up a co-financing deal between MGM and whomever, since MGM is still recovering from their previous financial troubles. 

But there's plenty of time for those deals to be arranged as Dean Parisot is set to shoot the RED sequel, so production for BILL & TED 3 would need to wait for those committments to be fulfilled, but that doesn't sound like much of a problem. BILL & TED 3 looks like it's really going to happen, and...



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