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L.A. Readers! It's Time For "Everything Is Festival III: The Domination"! August 18th - 28th!


Beaks here...

It's August in Los Angeles, which means it's time for the maniacs from Everything Is Terrible to assault our senses with an inexplicable assortment of movies, comedy, found footage and shit that plain defies categorization. You will hate yourself more than you usually do if you miss...

Everything Is Festival III: The Domination!



The EIT gang have outdone themselves this year. Beginning August 18th, we'll be subjected to eleven days of strange new works and blasts from the past: vintage TV, pro wrestling, cats, martial arts, Nick Motherfucking Offerman and so much more. "Eclectic" doesn't begin to cover it. This is madness.

Tickets are on sale now via The Cinefamily, and I'd highly recommend that you buy 'em now as several of these events are going to sell out quickly. I've attended the fest for two years running, and it's always an amazing time. I can guarantee that you'll see me out on August 19th at the newly restored Saban Theatre for the live Cinematic Titanic evisceration of Ted V. Mikel's THE DOLL SQUAD. There's no way I'm going to miss a chance to see MST3K stars Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Coniff, J. Elvis Weinstein and Mary Jo Pehl go to town on a truly wretched film (which allegedly inspired CHARLIE'S ANGELS).

And I'll be at the Cinefamily the following evening to see Joel Hodgson's Show and Tell, where the former Gizmonic Institute employee will dig into his collection of ventriloquist dummies and TV oddities (including his own failed pilot, THE TV WHEEL). Hodgson is one of my comedy heroes, and he rarely appears live in L.A. This will be one to savor.

The full schedule is up at Cinefamily's official site, and I urge you to look it over. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Cynthia Rothrock in person! The EIF Talent Show with Nick Offerman! The 100 Most Outrageous Action Scenes! The amazing MIAMI CONNECTION with director Y.K. Kim in person (I wrote about this bizarro masterpiece two years ago)! A keynote speech from legendary artist Wayne White! Short films from Jeff Kruliks, the director of HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT! And it all concludes on August 28th with an ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE reunion!

I'll be covering as much of the fest as I possibly can for AICN. It's going to be a blissful, brain-scrambling eleven days. Won't you join me?

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