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Houston! Dallas! San Antonio! I've Got Some Run-Of-Engagement EXPENDABLES 2 Tickets To Give Away!

Nordling here.

I can't wait for THE EXPENDABLES 2.  Those are the guys I grew up with, blowing people up when not kicking them in the face, and I hope the movie is as fun as it looks.  I was onboard for the original, and I'm on board for this one.

And I have five pairs of run-of-engagement tickets to give away for Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas!  For those unclear on what the term means, Run-Of-Engagement tickets are tickets you can use once the movie opens (restricted to after opening weekend and select theaters).  It's your choice!

How do you win?  Simple.  Send to me at your name, address, and your dream EXPENDABLES cast.  You can go all the way back to the beginning of movies, or you can even cast fictional characters a la LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, complete with a roster of heroes and villains.  Have fun with it!  The best ones get a pair of tickets!  I wouldn't participate if you don't live in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio as I only have tickets for those cities.

Good luck!  THE EXPENDABLES 2 opens August 17th!

Nordling, out.  Follow me on Twitter!

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