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"So You're Telling Me There's A Chance" - DUMB & DUMBER Sequel Ain't Entirely Dead Yet!!

The Kidd here...

Not too long ago, Jim Carrey dealt a pretty big blow to any hope that a sequel to the Farrellys' DUMB & DUMBER would come to be, walking away from the project amidst feelings that the studio wasn't all that amped up to be making the film in the first place. But DUMB & DUMBER TO might not be as dead as originally thought. It still doesn't have a committment from Carrey at the moment, but Jeff Daniels, recently speaking to press at the Television Critics Association regarding HBO's THE NEWSROOM (via Crave Online), explained that a new timetable for the follow-up may bring it back into the realm of possibility.

"Jim wants to do it. I want to do it. The Farrellys want to do it. They want to rewrite the script a little bit and they aren’t trying to jam it in before I have to go back and do NEWSROOM in November. So they’re going, ‘Why don’t we just do it right? Let’s get everybody organized to go next May or June.’ If everything works out on the business side, that’s what we’ll do but I think there’s more hope than ever.”

As for why Carrey walked away recently, it's a bit of mounting frustration over what they have of the project so far and the various voices offering up opinions on how ready it is to go into production...

"I understood why, because this has been a year and a half of a whole bunch of are we, aren’t we, what’s going on, yeah the script’s funny, no it’s not, now we have to have notes. So I think Jim just got frustrated and I completely got it. I was frustrated too. We thought it was in pretty good shape. The studio and others wanted some more work done it. The Farrellys wanted more work done on it so they got working on it and I think last week they decided to push the shooting of it to next year, possibly because I wasn’t going to move THE NEWSROOM."

Looks like DUMB & DUMBER TO just went from not happening to maybe odds of like one in a hundred or one in a million... so I'm telling you there's a chance. Whew...

Now to see if they can absolutely bring Carrey back into the fold, or else really what's the point...


-Billy Donnelly

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