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Take a look at the very interesting behind the scenes of the film adaptation of ANNA KARENINA

Hey folks, Harry here...  My mother was a huge Garbo fan, so I grew up with the classic Thirties adaptation of ANNA KARENINA which starred the throaty Garbo and the great Fredric March.   That said, ANNA KARENINA is a generational cinematic story - having been adapted repeatedly throughout film history.  Since 1910, the story has been adapted nearly 30 times.   In truth that 1935 version with Garbo, well it was her second time in the role, in 1927 she played Anna Karenina in LOVE opposite John Gilbert - it is one of her great silent roles.  It's a great silent, but after the sound triumph of selling films with the tag, "GARBO TALKS!" they remade one of her own classics, to great success.  In 1947, Vivien Leigh took on the role and the great Ralph Richardson co-starred.  Love Sir Ralph Richardson in the film.  In some ways it reminds me of his great performance in DR ZHIVAGO.   I've always wanted to see the late sixties Soviet adaptation that was shot in 70mm...  and that's how I want to see it.  But after watching the following making of the 2012 version...  which is directed by Joe Wright, who did the great adaptation of PRIDE & PREJUDICE with Keira, that Yoko makes me watch 3-4 times a year - and I like it.  Wright gave us the wonderful HANNA last year...  but he's doing something a bit... out of character...   he's playing with the idea of a stage and more expansive world beyond it.   Here...  take a peak:


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