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UPDATE!! Dean Devlin Talks About That INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel...


Here's an embed from Collider in which some of the same material is covered.  In it, Devlin also indicates an ID sequel would be set in real time - i.e. it would be set 16 years (or the time it's made) after the first time.  







ComingSoon has a brief discussion with Dean Devlin regarding the status of that INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel about which we've recently been hearing murmurs.  Sounds like he's very happy that he and Roland Emmerich have finally developed a story which is a sequel that "won't disappoint the fans." 

I've heard an insane number of rumors about this project over the years, and have NO IDEA whether any of them are in any way accurate.  One idea I've heard mentioned is that a sequel would pick up on Earth, in real time (i.e. decades later) and deal with the aliens coming back for more.  However, this time, they find our society and technologies retrofitted by the alien tech recovered from all those crashed vessels at the end of the first we're far more ready for 'em this time around...with human/alien hybridized weapons and vehicles...thus the fight has a very different complexion.  Another rumor (part of the above rumor?  Something entirely different?) was that one proposed notion would have humans finding a way to take the battle to the aliens...

Whether either of these concepts were ever actually considered to begin with...and whether either would pan out if this sequel gets made...I have no idea.  From the sound of Devlin's interview, it sounds like...even if the above concepts were at any point true...they've recently found a fresher approach which could theoretically dismiss any rumors we've heard before.  

So, time will tell...perhaps...hopefully.,..'cause I, for one, would actually really like to see another INDEPENDENCE DAY movie (the first one will return to screens in a 3Dified form July 2013).  

For now, you can find the entirety of Devlin's ID4 sequel comments HERE...which include... 

There are a lot of moving pieces that are coming together. I don't know if it will come together, but we want it to happen.


...ten years ago I was hired to write a sequel to 'Independence Day' and they paid me a lot of money. After I finished the script, I gave the money back and I said, "Don't even read the script. The script is okay, but we can't make an okay sequel to 'Independence Day.  





Glen Oliver




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  • July 27, 2012, 9:56 a.m. CST

    "We Cant Make an OK Sequel" - first

    by doom master

    Why make one at all?

  • July 27, 2012, 9:56 a.m. CST

    Make it like ALIENS

    by donkey_lasher

    Another Bug hunt.

  • July 27, 2012, 9:58 a.m. CST

    ID II: Aw Hell... Yeah!

    by zer0cool2k2

    Or to make it more current: "HELLS YEAH"

  • July 27, 2012, 9:58 a.m. CST

    Okay Sequel

    by Blackhand2010

    Why not? The first is not that many levels above "meh".

  • July 27, 2012, 9:58 a.m. CST

    you did NOT shoot that green shit at me!

    by martinprince

    Make it a trilogy, why the fuck not?

  • July 27, 2012, 10:03 a.m. CST


    by Bass Ackwards

  • July 27, 2012, 10:03 a.m. CST


    by Bass Ackwards

  • July 27, 2012, 10:04 a.m. CST

    Any more projects in the pipeline that need Goldblum?

    by MotherPussBucket

    JP4, IDwhatever, anybody remaking The Tall Guy?

  • July 27, 2012, 10:04 a.m. CST

    We can't make an ok sequel

    by Bass Ackwards

    Probably true, Emmerich seems only capable of total ahit these days, OK is a bar a bit too high for him to reach.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:06 a.m. CST

    of course it won't disappoint the fans, there aren't any!

    by Spandau Belly

    This was another one of those special effects-driven 90s movies where the whole appeal of the movie was a bunch of effects shots that are now outdated. I remember it being amusing in a disposable way back when I was 14 or whatever, but I doubt anybody holds it as a classic.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:06 a.m. CST

    If it happens, anyone want to bet that Jaden Smith will have a role?

    by AlienFanatic

    Maybe he'll be Hiller's 2nd son who, at the tender age of 14, pulls his dying father from the cockpit of an F-22 and leads the World's forces to a second victory over the aliens! The final battle will be him mano-a-mano vs. the alien general who led the invasion, displaying his mad karate skills while the song, "Whip My Hair" plays in the background.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:09 a.m. CST

    Dean, please do a STARGATE sequel instead

    by Joe

    STARGATE is still Emmerich's best film. It had a perfect blend of action, sci-fi and mythology. They originally planned it as a trilogy. I want STARGATE II and III, dammit!

  • July 27, 2012, 10:10 a.m. CST


    by Darkness

    It has been 16 years since the original,(yeah, i know, that long). So if they want to get a sequel off the ground, they will have to take on a different idea all together. Earth's invaders has been done to death. With "Skyline" and "Battle: Los Angeles" pretty much flushing the genre down the toilet.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:10 a.m. CST

    Will the White House blow up again?

    by donkey_lasher


  • July 27, 2012, 10:13 a.m. CST

    Welcome back to Urf!!!

    by kindofabigdeal

    Are there any other cities to destroy after the first war? Wasn't that the whole box office drive? Seeing New York, LA, and DC getting blown up simultaneously.

  • the ship drives off with the earth and moon held in suspension fields. Definitely a 2 movie arc to get the earth back in a stable orbit.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:14 a.m. CST

    Any Sequel would need...

    by JudeNWM

    More Tatum

  • July 27, 2012, 10:14 a.m. CST

    An "ok sequel" would be an improvement

    by Dr. Chim Richalds

    Let's be real here, the best parts of that movie were watching models of famous landmarks blow up. It had literally nothing else going for it. A computer virus, folks. A computer virus.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:14 a.m. CST

    Up yours!!!!!

    by KelseysNuts

    I know this film gets ripped apart all the time in talkbacks but it was a lot of fun! Full of plot holes, yes; lame dialogue, yes; cookie cutter characters, yes. On the other hand, Jeff Goldblum, Robert Loggia, Dennis Quaid, and some pretty good practical effects of the Empire State Building and White House getting blasted. 'Kick the tires and light the fires'!

  • July 27, 2012, 10:15 a.m. CST

    YESSSS do it.... unless you're doing that "ripped out of orbit" thing

    by Autodidact

    Unless they're gonna bring the sun along too, I don't think there would be a return trip.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:19 a.m. CST

    @kildeer1 I think you meant your comment for Spandau

    by AlienFanatic

    I tend to frame my viewing of a particular movie in the SFX of the time period. I can enjoy a movie like Forbidden Planet or Young Sherlock Holmes because I can forgive the limitations of the effects at the time. I will have to admit, though, that I am largely unimpressed by CG. If I were to put my finger on it, perhaps it's because there's nothing magical about how CG is created. They put models in a computer and spit them back up on screen. Yes, I know it takes skill, but when you compare it to guys building PHYSICAL models, or sewing hairs into a rubber suit, I happen to believe that creating a convincing effect was VASTLY harder before CG, which earns it that much more respect in my opinion. That, plus it takes an incredible eye to create CG that is indistinguishable from the real thing, and only ILM really has that level of expertise.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:22 a.m. CST

    Independence Day sucked...Never understood it's box office success


    Never understood the popularity of Independence Day. The plot is beyond ridiculous, the characters are as generic as possible. The actors are annoying as hell (see the always annoying, I'm cooler than you Will Smith) and it's contains the dumbest plot device in the histroy of film where Smith and Jeff Goldblum hack into alien technology with their home computer. Just an awful film.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:23 a.m. CST

    Pull an Optimus Prime and... 'Take the battle to them!'

    by impossibledreamers

    The sequel needs to have our guys leaving the system to put our boot up their ass. ;)

  • July 27, 2012, 10:25 a.m. CST

    Queue idiotic "welcome to urf" posts... here's a tip...

    by jimmy_009

    Go to Youtube: Rewatch clip. Hear the part where he clearly says Earth, not urf. Note the distinctive TH sound that you can't possibly miss at the end of the sentence. Shut it.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:25 a.m. CST

    How can their be a sequel?

    by Joe

    Reason: The aliens traveled from planet to planet eating up resources and moving on. How can you a) have them return and b) take the fight to them. Aren't they essentially extinct?

  • July 27, 2012, 10:26 a.m. CST

    *there (I stupid)

    by Joe

  • July 27, 2012, 10:29 a.m. CST


    by KelseysNuts

    For all we know, two of the natural resource stripping bastards escaped. They breed like rabbits.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:33 a.m. CST

    ID4 still holds up today.

    by Volllllume3

    A PG-13 action movie done right. I've always liked the idea of reverse engineering the alien tech.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:38 a.m. CST


    by vettebro

    If you axed Will Smith what he said, he would reply that he said, "Welcome to Erf!" Not "Urf". Pay attention pleeze.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:39 a.m. CST

    ID4 was great. I'd see a sequel as long as it wasn't like Battle for LA

    by MoneyGrabSequel


  • July 27, 2012, 10:39 a.m. CST

    volllllume3, I completely agree

    by jimmy_009

    There's nothing more annoying than holier than thou fanboys who feel like they have to evisicerate a movie because it's silly, or "unrealtistic." Is the computer virus thing dumb? Yeah. Does that negate the entire rest of the movie? Nope. It's exactly what it's supposed to be: popcorn entertainment.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:42 a.m. CST

    If Jeff Goldblum comes back, so will I

    by Kyle DeMattio

  • That movie had the typical problems of an Emmerich/Devlin movie. The over the top "Comic Relief" character who isn't funny but incredibly annoying, the forced emotional moment which doesn't work at all, and the cheesiness that goes too far. I don't mind a little camp, especially for a movie like that, but those two guys always take it beyond what it should be.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:46 a.m. CST

    Oh the irony...

    by NightArrows

    ...of certain idiots in this thread... ID4 was fucking garbage then, and it's fucking garbage now. I say go for it though. Make this happen. Mouth-breathers need to be entertained too.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:50 a.m. CST


    by Squashua

    We'll just take 'em out with our iPhones.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:57 a.m. CST

    "What do you want us to do?

    by Dogmatic

  • July 27, 2012, 10:57 a.m. CST

    "What do you want us to do?" "Dieeeee." SUCH a great flick.

    by Dogmatic

  • July 27, 2012, 10:58 a.m. CST

    Independence Day 2: Independencer

    by Mickster_Island

  • July 27, 2012, 11 a.m. CST


    by jimmy_009

    The lack of CGI aliens was a GOOD thing. Jurassic Park is an anomoly in some ways, as the CG is insanely good for the time. I vividly remember 99% of the CG that came out of that time period and it was TERRIBLE. One of the reasons I think the movie holds up is because it was done with a lot of practicle effects. It doesn't always look amazing (i.e. aliens running around), but it least it never looks crappy, like most CG from that era.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:04 a.m. CST

    Why do I doubt that "gave the money back story"

    by Rupee88

    It sounds like typical Hollywood bullshit. Anyway the first movie was lots of fun at the time. It doesn't need a sequel but that never seems to stop them.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:08 a.m. CST

    ID4 bashers

    by tiberius solo

    Name a more crowd-pleasing, fun, alien invasion/ disaster movie with a bat-shit crazy sense of scope. and the computer virus that people complain about is no worse than the anti-climactic ending of Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' and yeah I know, it follows Wells--still weak.

  • At Chick Fil A.

  • Kick the tires and light the fires.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:16 a.m. CST

    ID4 sequel??? Yes, yes...without the oops.

    by electromud

  • July 27, 2012, 11:23 a.m. CST

    I hate ID4 because it was a fucking popcorn movie

    by spire_walk

    Some of you were fine with ID4 being a movie you can eat a of bucket of popcorn with and use the butter as a lubricant for your mindless masturbation that followed. Great! The rest of us were pissed off because this movie was hyped all through the months of May and June as this epic sci-fi war movie on steroids. Aliens show up and start MURDERING millions of people, and after an initial shock, we fight back. What about genocide and war do you get a mindless popcorn movie out of? At the time I was thinking, okay, it's some serious shit when aliens show up, kill millions, cripple the world's infrastructure in a way that will last decades, and put humanity on the brink of extinction. ID4's plot had my attention. I was down for a VERY serious and gritty take on fighting an alien invasion. A turn your brain off, fun action movie for the whole family was not how they sold it to potential movie goers. When you go and see it, what you get is mass murder and human struggle watered down by a dog that jumps through flames to escape certain death. We're supposed to be mildly concerned for the millions of human deaths, but that one fucking dog, holy shit, his life is more pure and important than anything else and thank god he survived. Please, kill women in children and other animals, but please don't take Air Bud the Golden Receiver from us. We don't get a chance to reflect on the tragedy and human struggle because our attention needs to be shifted to listening to Will Smith make a bunch of comedic one-liners. My god, was he a fucking island unto himself? His whole family, mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, friends, etc, could all be dead. All we get from him is mild concern for his girlfriend and her bastard. His whole goddamn world is collapsing, and his reaction is to act like it's an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Aire? Gay stereotypes, black stereotypes, lawyer jokes, E.T, jokes, deadbeat dad jokes, recycling jokes... All of it done very badly. It was Jar Jar Binks before Jar Jar Binks. Everybody in this whole goddamn movie is a fighter pilot. The President, The Fresh Prince, and the drunk deadbeat dad. Being president isn't enough. Make him a pilot. The Black Guy... okay, make him the comic relief, and a Marine... no wait.. a Marine and a fighter pilot! The drunk guy who used to be molested and probed by aliens, make him a fighter pilot too. Remember in Star Trek 2009 when Kirk crash lands on Planet Coincidence where he happens upon Spock AND Scotty? ID4 was a whole movie set on Planet Coincidence. The movie is an insult because it took some of the greatest horrors -- war, the unknown, desolation, human loss, genocide -- hyped it as serious, and then pissed all over its own subject matter. That's why ID4 sucks. False advertising and brain dead writing

  • When I read that above quote fell out laughing. You may have not liked the script, but I know you pocketed the cash. LOL

  • July 27, 2012, 11:24 a.m. CST

    ID4 is an overlong cheesefest

    by Samuel Fulmer

    Yeah it's got some good moments here and there, but it's the epitome of everything that was wrong with mid-late 90's action/sci-fi cinema, an overlong cheesefest of epic proportions. As far as Emmerich films go, I like Stargate (short to the point cheesefest) and the Patriot (revolutionary war cheesefest).

  • July 27, 2012, 11:27 a.m. CST

    How could you not enjoy ID4?!?

    by lowpassat

    If you saw this movie in the theater when it was relased and didnt have a good time then you are dead inside. It was a great "popcorn flick", lots of cool effects, a decent story, better acting than anyone could have wanted, and did I mention the cool effects? It seems like most people here go into a move with the mindset that thet need to pick out all the flaws rather than just enjoy yoursef. I dont think however that ID4 needs a sequal.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:29 a.m. CST

    I vote for a Darker Grittier Reboot.

    by The Outlander

  • July 27, 2012, 11:32 a.m. CST

    Independence Day was a huge hit in '96

    by seasider

    but compared to other sci-fi invasion movies it hasn't aged very well. The f/x still look solid but it was built on such a bad script with bad acting, when I watch it now it's just one of those typical "90's movies" that was fun to watch at the time but looks really silly now.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:34 a.m. CST

    President's wife crash subplot and dog running away from fireball

    by Samuel Fulmer

    Need I say more?

  • July 27, 2012, 11:36 a.m. CST

    That same Summer Dragonheart and Escape from LA came out

    by Samuel Fulmer

    Okay, next to those two ID4 is a masterpiece.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:41 a.m. CST

    What do you want us to do?

    by Lou_Sassel420


  • but oh please get Goldblum back. We all need more Goldblum in our lives.

  • It's obvious Lucas was a lost man sitting in his massive ranch with no clue about the real world. Guy just saw what was popular the decade of the 90's (home alone, Lion King, ID4, JP, Titanic etc..) and shit out the prequels with those being his influences, not the pulp and classic sc-fi of his youth, but instead he wanted the crown for #1 box office of all time so he took his cue from those films.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:45 a.m. CST

    He gave back the money?

    by Smerdyakov

    I've read a lot of things on AICN over the years but THIS I don't believe.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:46 a.m. CST

    I remember loving this movie as a kid ...

    by Judge Briggs

    however, it's kinda silly now. But still- it was terrific back in the day. Don't think we need a re-release. If we do, please put more Tatum.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:47 a.m. CST

    The only really interesting idea to me...

    by fzammetti that we reverse-engineered all their tech after beating them and then *WE* become the species that goes out invading other planets and the sequel is all about an alien species that is fighting AGAINST us... ...and maybe Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are still there and realize it's a bad thing, so they use some remote body technology to get into some 8-foot tall blue artificial bodies to help the natives of the planet we're invading to beat us... ...err, wait, that might not be *ENTIRELY* original. ;)

  • July 27, 2012, 11:48 a.m. CST


    by schadenfreudian

    That's what the interweb will shorten this piece of shit to.

  • As much as I thought they raped Godzilla, I know full well I'd go to see a sequel. It was stupid, it treated the king of the monsters like a giant pussy, but you know what? I still remember having a good time seeing it.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:54 a.m. CST

    Perhaps we'll get lucky.

    by The StarWolf

    Maybe WW III will break out and save us from this thing.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:54 a.m. CST

    ID4 is scifi for retards.

    by IamHERE

    I got a cramp in my eyes from all the rolling i did throughout the movie. Saw it on opening day and couldnt believe people were shoveling this shit into pie holes and enjoying it. Where to begin... 1. The dog being saved in the tunnel of expanding firey doom. Please. The physics of that explosion would of filled that side room they ducked into full of fire or, if it was so directional, it would of raised the temp in the room and easily killed off any life inside. 2. Will Smiths punch some how magically affects the alien through its battle armor to knock it out? It just survived a crash unharmed but a human fist gives enough force to knock it unconcious? fucking stupid as hell. 3. Bill Pullmans speech is nothing but a gooey mess of sugary patriotism. Gave me oral diabetes just listening to it. 4. Randy Quaids death was so ridiculously stupid and the reveal of the ships weakness was just too much for my intelligence. Thats just from memory.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:59 a.m. CST

    Yeah, let's completely ignore 17 seasons of Stargate on TV

    by Raptor Jesus

    Like it never happened, like there are no fans, like it doesn't exist. Right.

  • July 27, 2012, 11:59 a.m. CST


    by schadenfreudian

    is 1005 correct. <br> I'd like to add the hilariously lazy character played by Judd Hirsch. "My son David! My son David!" Complete horse shit.

  • July 27, 2012, noon CST

    Lazily written, I meant to say.

    by schadenfreudian

    as you were.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:01 p.m. CST

    Goddamn no edit feature...

    by schadenfreudian

    iamhere is 100% correct.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:06 p.m. CST

    ID4 = meh

    by menacingphantom

    Sorry. Just too much damned cheez-whiz. Some really fun parts, but the overall stew tastes terrible.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:06 p.m. CST

    Right on, spire_walk

    by khaos751

    We didn't go on opening day expecting to see a popcorn flick. It wasn't marketed that way. I didn't have the internet then, and sites like this to warn me. I sat in my chair at the end of that movie with my middle finger fully extended towards the screen. Complete letdown.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:07 p.m. CST

    ID4 is still in the background of this site

    by Samuel Fulmer

  • July 27, 2012, 12:08 p.m. CST


    by electraglide

    Think you are getting your Emmerich movies mixed, easily done as they do all roll in to one the same cheesefest

  • July 27, 2012, 12:09 p.m. CST


    by MajorBludd

    *standing ovation* Excellent points (I will admit I enjoyed the film and it's brain dead concepts)

  • You're not. You're not anywhere near as intelligent as you fancy yourself to be. The number of people I meet on a regular basis who fancy themselves brighter than most...who claim they scored this or that on an IQ test (online tests do not count. Take a standardized one. I did - that's why I can easily tell when they're bullshitting)...yet are immediately identifiable as being merely average if not below's laughable. It's actually incredibly rare for anyone to be anywhere near the "well above average" so many like to think of themselves as. Were so many people actually so bright, the average person would be far brighter - and you know full well they're not. But I suppose it's hard not to feel smart when you pit yourself against people coming out of the American education system (I'm American and I'll even say that). That need to lose the hubris, get some humility, realize you're nothing special (I don't care what the mediocrity-valuing school system or your parents told you), and realize that the only thing that keeps you saying "anyone who likes what I dont like is a retard!" pure arrogance. I did take a standardized test. I did score quite well - I wont be so arrogant as to trumpet what that is - and I do think Emmerich's movies are flimsy plot-wise, bloated with CGI, and rather mindless. But The difference between you and me? I can climb off my high horse, realize it's just a movie, and ENJOY IT for the stupid fluff it is. Not everything has to be an Oscar nominee.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:12 p.m. CST

    Why can't someone do a DECENT WAR OF THE WORLDS?


    instead of a stupid sequel to a mediocre silly film.

  • It's a well written masterpiece whilst 99% of other alien invasion stories produced by Hollywood are nothing more than B movies.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:14 p.m. CST

    Independence day was a perfect B-movie with a massive budget.

    by frank

    It was a wildly enjoyable theater experience and quite the phenomenon at the time. David Letterman had every major cast member on his show. I remember Bill Maher dissing it on ‘Politically Incorrect’ and Sebastian Bach saying something along the lines of ‘Gee, Bill. Do you hate Christmas, too?’ I know that I, and most of the country, totally felt the same way Sebastian did about Independence Day at the time. You can’t really understand it if you weren’t old enough to enjoy it during it’s theatrical run, or if you were a hyper-cynic like Bill Maher. You had to have watched it with an open mind, in a theater with a clapping and cheering audience in 1996. Watching it at home in 2012 is basically a waste of time.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:15 p.m. CST

    And H.G. Well's story was THE original alien invasion story.


    Yet Hollywood turns it into crap like Spielbergs rubbish film.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:17 p.m. CST

    Needs Smith and Goldblum

    by performingmonkey

    Make their characters the first and foremost part of the movie then all the huge stuff will slot in around them. Will's kid is now in the USAF. Goldblum has a young black daughter (oh wait...:P). I really want them to make this. Also, the Stargate sequel we've been waiting nearly 20 years for.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:18 p.m. CST

    Independence Day is SO forgettable.


    The special effects were good when they came out but the rest of it wasn't much cop. It also doesn't stand the test of time very well. And that comedy sidekick guy with the croaky voice was annoying as fuck not funny.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:19 p.m. CST

    spire_walk, I agree with most of that

    by bah

    I mean, I watch the street scenes in that trailer and I think "That cute girl and her mom are about to die in an inferno." I just can't get behind the mass death that movies like this and 2012 and Day After Tomorrow expect me to enjoy. That said, unlike those other examples, this one redeems itself by having something to fight back against and a side to cheer for.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:20 p.m. CST

    instead of a war of the worlds movie

    by emeraldboy

    we got a Tom Cruise versus the aliens movie. its very funny to watch to cruise running. it just looks so unnatural.

  • Really, and andvanced Martian civilazation comes to Earth but cets taken out by germs that an air filter or steralization could take care of? Really? Really? Just sit back and enjoy the ride for Petes sake. And if you didnt chuckle that the guy that was anal probed by aliens kills them all off by shoving an airplane up the ships ass while shouting "Up yours!" you have no sense of humor.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:29 p.m. CST

    This movie kills Julie Moran

    by bah

    Surely she didn't leave the scene before the attack. Whether that's a good or bad thing is an exercise for the viewer.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:29 p.m. CST

    ID4 was the Transformers movie of my youth...

    by Motoko Kusanagi

    Everybody was PUMPED to see this vfx extravaganza, but later we realized that were robbed 2hrs of our precious lifetime... And yes (as another poster mentioned), the movie hasn't aged well.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:35 p.m. CST

    1996 Randy Quaid in Kingpin

    by Samuel Fulmer

    Now that is how an actor takes his craft to a whole other level!

  • This was a major summer event for me. I remember seeing this movie in the biggest theater in town, with a packed house. It was like being at a football game. People were literally cheering, screaming, etc. Ah, age 14. I would be first in line to see this.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:37 p.m. CST

    Please be as hilarious as the first.

    by Bigdada

  • July 27, 2012, 12:42 p.m. CST

    I used to love this movie, watched it every week for a long time.

    by Ian Masterson

    That was 12 years ago. I was 5. I didn't have taste.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:43 p.m. CST

    Co-Dependance Day

    by marineboy

    Human's and Alien's getting it on. World. End of.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:47 p.m. CST


    by Larry Sellers

    I agree with most of what you wrote. I myself can enjoy (actually, really enjoy) a silly popcorn movie. I found that last GI Joe movie more entertaining than the whole of Transformers 2 because it didn't take itself seriously at all. I'll catch Independence Day whenever it's on TV and enjoy the inanity of it all. But I don't think ALL people who dislike popcorn flicks are arrogant douches. Sometimes it's just a matter of taste, independent of whatever their IQ level is. I don't fancy myself smarter than most other people...I personally prefer well constructed dramas or clever comedies or sappy indie flicks. That of course doesn't mean that's all I'll ever watch or respect or be entertained by. But even I have my personal standards when it comes to vapid cinema and I don't think that makes me an arrogant asshole. I mean... (and these are just a couple of movies I think figure into that "fluff" category) I fucking hated the last two Transformers movies, Battle: Los Angeles, I can't stand Mission Impossible 2... And I shut off my brain PLENTY for those. I just didn't like them. Forgive if I can't articulate why I prefer some over others. I guess what I'm saying is that I thought that was an unfair generalization. Other than that, I'm right there with you. Not everything I watch has to be Oscar-caliber. There are different levels of entertainment and I'm glad to experience them all (in moderation). I'll give "fluff" a chance any day and enjoy it as best I can.

  • July 27, 2012, 12:56 p.m. CST

    id4 is great if you leave your brain at the door

    by walt

    but if you start thinking...even for a are doomed scifi fantasy is fine....scifi absurdity is not and much of the casting was terrible

  • July 27, 2012, 12:57 p.m. CST

    Acting Like It's the 'Godfather' of Sci-Fi Flicks

    by Sluggolicious

    ID4 was a crappy bit of cheesy, popcorn silliness with appeal to moviegoers who don't really know any better. Simply pretending it has some iconic place in cinematic history doesn't magically mean it really does.

  • July 27, 2012, 1 p.m. CST

    I think I understand the world since 1996 now

    by Samuel Fulmer

    A great many people left their brain at the door, but they forgot to pick it back up on the way out.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:04 p.m. CST

    ID4 is one of my guilty pleasures

    by ATARI

    Come on, who doesn't love Data as a crazy scientist?!?!

  • July 27, 2012, 1:09 p.m. CST

    Why not ignore 17 seasons of Stargate?

    by Smartacus

    It's not like the show was all that memorable.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:12 p.m. CST

    I'm down... as long as DAVID ARNOLD is brought back to score!

    by The_Genteel_Gentile

    No more of the weak Klosser, Wanker/Wander stuff Roland!

  • July 27, 2012, 1:29 p.m. CST

    Aliens arrive and get wiped out by the Wave Motion Gun!!!

    by wil

    Oh wait.....wrong movie.....

  • July 27, 2012, 1:30 p.m. CST

    This was the only film..

    by paul burnett

    ..i got up at midway through, went out an smoked a cigerette an bought a drink. When i returned one of my friends started to tell me what i missed...i said not to bother.. Awful film.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:35 p.m. CST

    We DO NOT NEED a sequel to this!

    by kevred

    The movie is exactly as it should be! It ends without any tension, anything unresolved, or even the slightest sense whatsoever that more needs to be told! Aliens invaded. Earth fights back, aliens repelled. End of story. If you bring the aliens back again, you crap on everything achieved in the first film. If you "take the fight to the aliens", you do that plus give us a conflict that no one at all is interested in seeing. People want to see the heroic struggle against the oppressor, defending your home. No one wants to see the good guys go to the other side's home and slaughter all of them. It's why no one's rah-rah for war anymore. We're not the good guys defending the house, we're the invaders killing the locals. The story's done. It's great, one of the best popcorn flicks of the 80s-90s, in all its cheesy glory. Let it rest! It's not offering anything that will interest people enough!

  • July 27, 2012, 1:35 p.m. CST

    Independence Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

    by David

  • July 27, 2012, 1:36 p.m. CST

    This guys sister is a hosebeast.

    by Nozoki

    I nailed her in the back seat of my car.

  • Look closely and you'll see it.

  • They all loved it.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:39 p.m. CST

    Minature/Model work + cloud tanks = WIN

    by Autodidact

  • July 27, 2012, 1:40 p.m. CST

    Great idea for the sequel

    by SenatorJeffersonSmith

    Set it even further in the future, but have the structure be like Curious Case Of Benjamin Button where Judd Hirsch is dying in the hospital and his grandson, Goldbum's kid, is reading Judd's diary about all sorts of crazy phenomena that started happening after the alien invasion. Halfway through comes the reveal that Goldblum was enslaved by the aliens when they came back for more and that's why the kid grew up fatherless.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:42 p.m. CST

    a sequel to ID4 would be better than Prometheus

    by j2talk

    it certainly couldn't be an more disappointing

  • July 27, 2012, 1:46 p.m. CST

    @lowpassat. It was referencing germs....

    by IamHERE

    Like when europeans came to America and spread all types of diseases that the native americans had no previous contact with and populations were decimated cause their immune systems had never fought them before. Hence, when the martians came, a microscopic germ was the last thing on their mind, their planet was dying and it was a bumrush to save their population. Now this brings up why Spielbergs version was so god damn retarded. His version had the aliens coming to earth millions of years ago, burying all their machines for the future war. Why its retarded... 1. If martians were here before humans how come they didnt take the planet back then, instead of putting death robots in the ground for a fight way in the future? 2. If they had the time to plan it out, how come they never did scientific research on the atmosphere and what it contained. Its not like they were in a rush. 3. Lastly the scene where all the people watched this burning training speeding by out of control and not one reaction. They literally waited till it passed and kept walking, barely lifting their heads. I like popcorn movies, but seriously movie makers, think this shit out first.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:51 p.m. CST

    As long as they bring back LOGGIA!!

    by The Goat

    Tell 'em how to bring those sons of bitches down!

  • July 27, 2012, 1:54 p.m. CST

    The sequel to ID4 should be called...

    by Gus Van Rant

    The Battle for Middle EARF

  • July 27, 2012, 1:54 p.m. CST

    I wanna see it. Make it please. $600 mil B.O. at least.

    by lcworld


  • July 27, 2012, 1:55 p.m. CST

    Haven't seen ID4 since the summer of '96...

    by Erik Radvon

    but goddamn it was a fun movie then. Saw it 3 times, including once at a now-defunct drive-in. Had a blast with each viewing.

  • July 27, 2012, 1:55 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: Earf the Final Frontier

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 1:56 p.m. CST


    by Yelsaeb

  • July 27, 2012, 1:56 p.m. CST

    I wanna see it. Make it please. $600 mil B.O. at least.

    by lcworld


  • July 27, 2012, 1:56 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: Earf Will Never Be The Same

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 1:57 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: The Day the Earf Stood Still

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 1:58 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: Live Free or Die on Earf

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 2 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: The Dark Earf Rises

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 2:02 p.m. CST

    Independence Day was terrible even at the time

    by Turd_Is_Floating_Underneath_The_Gravy

    Even the much-vaunted FX were horrible back in '96. Some truly awful matte work in there.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:02 p.m. CST

    ID4#2: Welcome Back...To Earf

    by Gus Van Rant

  • July 27, 2012, 2:04 p.m. CST

    ID 2 will have Goldblum foiling the alien invasion using his iPad this time; just wait and see...

    by Turd_Is_Floating_Underneath_The_Gravy

    God bless Steve Jobs.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:06 p.m. CST

    radvon4realz gets it.

    by frank

    Although I don’t recommend watching it again, radvon. Just leave it in the summer of ’96.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:10 p.m. CST

    First movie I waited hours in line for

    by Jimbo Jones

    Drove 2 hours to a theater that had it on opening night, waited in line for 2 hours more. After the movie was over, my friend and I looked at each other and both said: What the Fuck? It is what it is, but it was a big disappointment for the build up. At least for me it was.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:12 p.m. CST

    imhere, you are proving my point.

    by lowpassat

    Stop trying to analize every single little detail and ENJOY yourself. These arent serious movies, they dont take themselves seriously, so why do you feel the need to scrutinize every single frame and plot point. No one goes to an aliens invading earth movie for the indepth character developmenet and plot. If Speilberg had cut and pasted his moive form the book or the older versions you would have been angry that he didnt try anything new with the story. You have created a lose-lose situation.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:17 p.m. CST

    Independence Day II -- Bringing the war to the Aliens!

    by Chris Moody

    Set in the year 2027...President Steven Hiller orders the attack that brings the war away from Earth and to the alien beasts own homeworld...using technology gleaned from alien ships left behind.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:29 p.m. CST

    Popcorn movies are fine. ID4 as Popcorn was not fine.

    by spire_walk

    Some of us DID go to see a serious alien invasion flick with in-depth characters and plot. That's how they fucking hyped the movie for two months. Go on youtube and watch the trailers if you don't believe me. Spielberg's War of the Worlds was a better movie, hands down. At its worst, when people were slaughtered, it meant something. In Independence Day loss of human life was used as setup for Will Smith's jokes. Had that been intentional, it might have been entertaining.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:33 p.m. CST

    Emmerich is one of the worst directors of all time

    by Kytas

    Day After Tomorrow: "Run from the cold!"

  • July 27, 2012, 2:43 p.m. CST

    I just rewatched it last week with audio commentary on...

    by bubcus

    And it still stands as a fun movie. I enjoy it. It's a movie I cherish alongside Jurassic Park, Men In Black, Stargate, True Lies, and Terminator 2 from around that era. Great to hear they're teaming up for a sequel and I cross my fingers that it will be awesome. Even a Stargate 2 would be welcomed. This year has been a highly anticipated year for movies met with a lot of meh as to pure entertainment value. I couldn't wait to see Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises and I left both films thinking they were merely okay. John Carter was a fun family flick, Hunger Games was decent, Avengers was good and has 3 seconds of sheer breathtaking brilliance... namely the ragdoll scene involving Hulk vs Loki, and Battleship was surprisingly a fun popcorn flick. Hopefully the Hobbit part 1 knocks it out of the park.

  • July 27, 2012, 2:47 p.m. CST

    Spielberg's War of the Worlds was horribly marketed

    by Volllllume3

    I thought I was going to see a war movie. Instead I head to sit and watch Tom Cruise drive his kids around for two hours. What a shitty movie. This tb has made me want to watch my ID4 blu-ray again.

  • It is the last movie that I know of that in it's opening week many cities had it running to packed houses and had to show it 24 hours a day. It was in 1st run theaters for a long time as many people saw it multiple times. When it hit VHS and Laser, it sold shitloads. No fans. There are a lot of fans out there. Most of you guys have no fucking idea of what you are talking about here.

  • July 27, 2012, 3:13 p.m. CST


    by doom master


  • July 27, 2012, 3:20 p.m. CST

    ID4 was fun

    by darthvedder81

    I was pretty riveted by it back in '96. I'm sure it doesn't hold up quite as well now but I still think ID4 is a fun ride. It was also the last of the big "practical effects" movies. There's pkenty of CG but the big scenes with the alien ships, F-14's and White House and Empire State Building blowing up were all practical. It's got it's dopey moments obviously but also some genuinely humorous exchanges. I'll take Roland Emmerich aping Spielberg any day over the shaky-cam crap that counts for action/adventure these days.

  • July 27, 2012, 3:21 p.m. CST

    A Randy Quaid collage

    by Samuel Fulmer

  • July 27, 2012, 3:32 p.m. CST

    Independence Day Academy 2: Their First Assignment

    by Fries Against

  • period

  • July 27, 2012, 3:35 p.m. CST

    Spielberg's War of the Worlds was very entertaining except for...

    by ufoclub1977

    the rushed and stagey feeling of the last third. the first third of WOW is the greatest! The entrance of the invaders is as intense as the T-Rex attack at night in Jurassic Park (which is the best part of that movie in my opinion).

  • July 27, 2012, 3:37 p.m. CST

    Plus ID4 is insanely quotable

    by Volllllume3

    This was the period where Will Smith was still actually funny for a small amount of time.

  • I think some guy named Irwin Allen made a few. I think they were successful. I also recall something about Roland being a big Irwin Allen fan. So I'm to believe that some of you were stupid enough to believe this was going to be "APOCALYPSE NOW! but with Aliens!"? Really? Because STARGATE didn't clue you in to what Emmerich does (and because STARGATE was sooo much different and better)? You know, I love it and have the blu-ray. Watched it last week and had just as good a time as I did when I first watched it in 1996. You don't like it, you don't buy it. Simple! Now if you like, you can go watch SALO and ponder the philosophical underpinnings of eating "chocolate biscuits". I'll enjoy my spectacle of mass-destruction.

  • July 27, 2012, 3:44 p.m. CST

    ID4 is #1 on my worst movies of all time list

    by disfigurehead

  • July 27, 2012, 3:48 p.m. CST

    Devlin and Emmerich are hacks that make disposable movies

    by FrodoFraggins

  • July 27, 2012, 3:49 p.m. CST

    You guys who spam sequel TBs with titles

    by Bass Ackwards

    Never funny. Never. Just in case you thought it was.

  • July 27, 2012, 3:57 p.m. CST

    Taking the battle to them

    by TheShrike

    The best example of this is Greg Bear's "Anvil of Stars". Leave no enemy standing.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:33 p.m. CST

    Taking it to the aliens

    by Hipshot

    Would be insane. The longer the supply lines, the riskier the venture. On the other hand, a fortified Earth has never been done to my knowledge. ID4 was a breakthrough film, the first movie I've ever seen that actually took the idea that humanity would stand together and presented it on the screen. The haters worried about Jaden Smiths growing popularity will shit all over anything Smith does now, but trying to pretend ID4 doesnt have fans is nuts.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:35 p.m. CST

    I agree with kildeer on this one.

    by frank

    I actually cared about Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman’s characters in this. Unlike, say, Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox in Transformers, who I would have loved to have seen die slow, painful deaths.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:36 p.m. CST

    And sad about all the ear problems hereabouts

    by Hipshot

    With people mishearing "earth" as "earf." Oddly, so far everyone I've met with this problem is a white Republican. Go figure.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:38 p.m. CST

    They should make contact with the alien homeworld..

    by zyuray2

    And the alien government tells them that the attack on Earth was not their doing - it was done by a rogue faction of aliens. So we go to the planet to smoke 'em out and fuck shit up.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:48 p.m. CST

    Aint It Cool News We've Got From Better Web Sites

    by Mike J

    More stories "borrowed" from Coming Soon and Collider. This web site has become as pathetic as it's stupid slack jawed owner.

  • July 27, 2012, 4:59 p.m. CST

    ID4: Kieth David Rising!

    by Xenodistortion

    This is the movie with Mel Gibson is fighting the British back in olden times & The Joker is his son right? Then Ian Malcom invents a computer virus so Fresh Prince can save Uncle Phil from Lonestar. Who is now President. Randy Quaid as Bane. Something like that. ID4-2 (3-D!) is way too many letters and numbers shoved together for me to comprehend anyways.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:04 p.m. CST

    kildeer, I respectfully disagree.

    by schadenfreudian

    I distinctly recall sitting behind a woman who was openly weeping during the first lady's death scene, and I remember wondering how it was possible for anyone to be so emotionally invested in that piece of shit.

  • Transformers made people weep for entirely different reasons.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:15 p.m. CST

    @ franks_television

    by schadenfreudian

    and MY point was that I had no attachment to the characters whatsoever because I saw them as one dimensions cartoony sketches, and not actual people in a real life situation. <br> I'd rather see Pill Pullman in a sequel to The Zero Effect than this nonsense.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:16 p.m. CST

    one dimensional, that is

    by schadenfreudian


  • Why in the fuck did everyone think it strange that he started doing things like turning off the alien shields and uploading viruses?

  • July 27, 2012, 5:19 p.m. CST

    Do I need to hold your hand while you urinate? Possibly.

    by UltraTron

  • July 27, 2012, 5:20 p.m. CST

    Goddammit, BILL, not Pill Pullman

    by schadenfreudian


  • July 27, 2012, 5:24 p.m. CST

    or some shit

    by UltraTron

  • which sets it apart from most movies of its kind (action blockbusters). Many people got very emotionally engaged with the film, as was evident from audience reactions in the theaters. It was the first movie I had ever been to in which the audience actually clapped and cheered at points. Obviously, not everyone felt the same way. Which is fine. But ID was not just another dumb blockbuster. It was a special dumb blockbuster.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:28 p.m. CST

    All I know is Woody Harrelson for the next one.

    by UltraTron

  • July 27, 2012, 5:31 p.m. CST

    Understood, franks_TV

    by schadenfreudian

    To be fair, I have been accused of being an emotional cripple (mostly by ex-girlfriends). <br> I guess I was lucky to have seen Raiders in the theater... that was the first movie I saw where people cheered. <br> Also, thank you for abbreviating the title as ID, instead of ID4, which still makes no sense, and never will.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:37 p.m. CST

    Any uk peeps watch that live volcano watch on bbc2..?

    by paul burnett

    cos the scottish geologist kept dressing as jeff goldblum in ID..anyone?? weird

  • July 27, 2012, 5:43 p.m. CST

    It lacked heart for me, kildeer

    by schadenfreudian

    But, like I said before, I'm apparently a robot. <br> I have no problem with being in the minority about this.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:51 p.m. CST

    ID4: The return of Randy Quaid

    by Rickie

    If Randy Quaid returns as an Alien Im all in. He was pretty much the best thing about the movie. He could come back in a "Day the urf stood still" type role.

  • July 27, 2012, 5:52 p.m. CST

    pick up on Earth, in real time (i.e. decades later)...

    by Will

    I actually liked this idea, make two sequels, have it set like 12-14 years later. Bring back Will smith and goldblum and their respective bitches. Then bring back the character of Will's stepson from the first movie, who is not a explosive specialist for the earth defense military or some shit. (He liked fireworks) When all the ships crashed, some aliens escaped and fled underground. Goldblum's character has been head of alien technology research and Will smith's character has been helping to develop and test aircraft based on alien technology. In a test flight he sees an alien craft, escaping from earth, he shoots it down and the earthlings capture it. They discover aliens are still alive and massing an army underground. Their plan is to build a transmitter to signal their alien homies that they are still alive, and should bring the rest of the forces. (The first film said they we like locusts, and that ship probably was the whole civilization, I say fuck, it, what if the first movie's mother-ship was just half of a spherical ship. And it split in two, one to attack one planet, one to attack another. The other planet didn't fare as well as earth tho so the aliens have been devouring it, building resources.) Smith's character's stepson will lead the attack on the alien stronghold underground despite his father's objections. Despite their valiant efforts, they fail to stop the transmission and the other half of the aliens return to finish the job. That should be enough to fill up two sequels... There ya go, now pay me that script money. ;-)

  • If they took the movie as seriously as the subject matter, it would have simply been too scary for kids. Today it plays like a comedy, but as a kid, the comedy was barely enough to lighten the load of the overwhelming suspense. For people who hated the characters, then it doesn't surprise me that the movie failed for you, because it's all about the characters! I liked the diversity of the cast and how it all came together in the end. Will Smith was the best!!! This was the first movie, I believe, where the characters actually acted like they had SEEN MOVIES, just like the rest of us. Stuff like "oh no, you did NOT shoot that green shit at me" and "just a little eager to get up there and kick ET's ass", instead of being 'campy', made it more real to me. At no point, though, was the subject matter not taken seriously. What was funny about Will Smith is that he was able to retain a sense of humor in such seemingly hopeless situations. For comparison, Armageddon came out one or two years later, I think, and I was really not impressed with that. I was appalled at times at how little compassion for humanity was shown. It was like some sort of joke. Same with Men in Black. These are what people make ID4 out to be, but my proof is that they had an entirely different effect on me as a kid. ID4 was uplifting in the same way Return of the Jedi was. (In fact, looking back, a few elements are remarkably similar-- the aerial battles, the fighter jet not being able to pull up and crashing into the force field.) Bill Pullman's speech is still one of the most uplifting moments in movie cinema, especially since hope is all they had at that point. I don't know of another movie where the situation seemed so incredibly hopeless, and yet they managed to get out of it in a semi-plausible way. That said, I don't really see a need for a sequel. This guy definitely seems like the brains of the two (Emmerich has an artistic eye and that's about it), but......... they'd be hard-pressed to reach a new generation of kids. Would the characters be as appealing today? And it would be a completely different kind of story. I frankly wouldn't be interested in seeing it, and, despite ID4 being a great movie for its time and place, I don't think audiences want to see it continued either. I say, if you want to make another hit like ID4, do another movie entirely. If it's good, it shouldn't need to ride on the coattails of anything. ID4 is self-contained. The music at the end seems to signify that the battle is permanently won. To do the same thing over again just seems stupid and unnecessary.

  • July 27, 2012, 6:16 p.m. CST

    Call it Bastille Day!

    by vadakinX

    No I'm not French. As for a potential plot, it wouldn't work to have the aliens from the first film come back. ID4 established that their entire civilization was on that mothership. Those aliens are gone. Instead, have us be the invaders. We've used the alien tech from the first film to advance our civilization but such advancement has caused a rapid decline in natural resources so we've begun looking to other worlds. We find one and decide to build settlements there to gather resources for Earth. Unfortunately the local population aren't too happy about it and they fight back. It turns out that these aliens are stronger than they first appeared and prepare a counterstrike against Earth. It becomes an all out war that could destroy both societies. It's up to Smith, Goldblum and Pullman to find a way to make peace with the aliens and convince the human leaders to do the same before both planets are destroyed in the war.

  • July 27, 2012, 6:18 p.m. CST


    by severianx1

    Well said, sir, well said. You have beautifully articulated exactly what I too thought of that piece of dreck, and I thank you for doing so. It needed to be said.

  • July 27, 2012, 6:21 p.m. CST

    autodidact. Learn something new everyday.

    by adeceasedfan

    I never looked that close at the background.

  • July 27, 2012, 6:23 p.m. CST

    So, vadakinx

    by schadenfreudian

    you want them to make Avatar?

  • July 27, 2012, 6:32 p.m. CST

    No not Avatar...Dances With Aliens :P

    by vadakinX

    Even as I was writing it I was thinking, wait isn't this Avatar? But really It's Independence Day in reverse with the third act being a combination of War Of The Worlds and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

  • July 27, 2012, 6:43 p.m. CST

    What else do you ID4 apologists put on a pedestal?

    by Nice Marmot

    Twister? Congo?

  • July 27, 2012, 6:59 p.m. CST

    Stargate Series Finale?

    by Bryan

    I forget which season of Stargate, but I'm having visions of the battle over Antartica. All this movie will be is a mishmash of Stargate and the Macross series.

  • July 27, 2012, 7:12 p.m. CST

    Does anyone actually still like Indepence Day?

    by baronweazle

    I know we all thought it was cool, or at least would be cool(when we saw the trailers) back in the nineties. But nowadays I don't know a single person who actually still likes that piece of shit.

  • July 27, 2012, 7:37 p.m. CST

    Ha ha ha-a-a! Really? A piece of shit like ID4 gets a sequel?

    by BiggusDickus

    Oh, bless you America! That's the best laugh I've had all month!

  • July 27, 2012, 7:43 p.m. CST

    why is it gettin called id4??

    by paul burnett

    did i miss the first 3 or something?

  • July 27, 2012, 8:16 p.m. CST


    by Johnny Wrong

    ...first time I've actually seen him in the flesh. Seems like a genuine, passionate dude. I may not like much of what he pumps out, but the guy seems nice. That is all. I will now revert to bastard mode...

  • July 27, 2012, 8:53 p.m. CST

    ID4 Blu-Ray does NOT have extra scenes

    by LT Weezie

    WOW was this Blu-Ray disappointing...couldn't believe it when we played it. WHY OH WHY didn't they add the extras on the Blu-Ray---not unless they are planning an "uber" edition. I actually returned the ID4 Blu-ray and will stick with the regular DVD version upconvert on my Sony Blu-Ray until they decide to come out with a Blu-Ray that will do this wonderful film justice!

  • July 27, 2012, 9:04 p.m. CST

    lt weezie

    by Adz

    Agree with you about the blu-ray - I only bought it cos my girlfriend loves the film but I was disappointed that it's only the theatrical version - not even any deleted scenes. Not sure if the picture quality is actually that much better thanthe DVD. I've been cautious about blu-ray purchases ever since...well, this and Total Recall. The extended version actually makes the apple/alien OS interaction a lot less stupid. Still don't get the hate for this film (I've seen people claim it's the worst film they've ever seen, hyperbole much?!), I'm not even American but I can appreciate it for the popcorn action/adventure/sci-fi/disaster that it is. Wasn't it supposed to be a modern take on War Of The Worlds anyway - technologically superior ships take out our cities, the survivors fight back as best they can but then the invaders are eventually taken out by a virus?

  • July 27, 2012, 9:06 p.m. CST

    Independence Day: Obama's Fall

    by IronEagle74

    Coming to a theater near you November 2012.

  • I think that was even on some of the movie posters and I thought it was silly. So I intentionally avoid using it.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:01 p.m. CST

    nice post, i_dunno_lol

    by frank

    I agree with all of that. I was in high school when Independence Day came out, and it totally worked for me at that age. I honestly don’t know how I would have received it as my more jaded and cynical current self. It’s also not like I just blindly loved any sci-fi/action movie that came out back then. I’ve seen Twister, Armageddon and Congo mentioned in this thread, all of which I thought were either very forgettable or just plain terrible (looking at you, Congo). I also thought that Emmerich’s follow-up to ID, Godzilla, was a complete travesty.

  • Seriously, that was such an awesome time. The crowd was pumped, the movie had some great crowd pleasing moments and we all cheered and spontaneously applauded. A sequel would be something that I could get pumped about to a point, but I think people in general would welcome it with $$$ in hand.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:38 p.m. CST

    ironeagle74 = chode

    by jimmy_009

    I hate people who work politics into every facet of their life and have to rub others people faces in it. The sign of a truly brainwashed imbecile.

  • July 27, 2012, 10:41 p.m. CST

    Thye Missed Their Window on This One.

    by leroyspoboys

    Should have been made a couple years after, not twelve. But as long as they put W.Smith and Goldblum in it, and fill it's full of corny one liners...I'll go see it.

  • July 28, 2012, 12:22 a.m. CST


    by khaos751

    I hope the sequel, has a ticket holder to take your money just before you, and your general "crowd" go tumbling off a large cliff. Is ID4 the movie you want to "die for" course not...that'd be asinine. So stop prending it was EVER good. You were young...your're smarter now...revisit...reflect...and know the 'truth' was, and still is, a "piece of shit"!

  • That is why they put it in there. When they were selling the movie and making it they said it was an update to War of the Worlds without calling it War of the Worlds.

  • They told Fox and Emmerich they could not sell toys called Independence Day. Kids would not be interested. So the Toy companies created ID4 and Fox liked it so started using it in advertising.

  • July 28, 2012, 1:21 a.m. CST

    Fucking hate ID4

    by Grando

    Cheesiest shit ever. Not even good cheese, just cringeworthy, poorly made, bullshit cheese. Hate Bill Pullmans speech, so fucking cheesy. Hate how all the other countries of the world (especially the UK) sit with their thumbs up their ass waiting on the yanks to figure shot out. Hate the shitty script. Hate fucking Randy fucking Quaid. The only think I like about that cheese riddled shit fest is Brent Spiner. Fuck, now I'm all worked up!

  • How can anyone like the fucking retarded bullshit they crank out?

  • July 28, 2012, 2:43 a.m. CST

    You know what is cool?

    by gregg benac

    The very first time i ever "Surfed the 'net" i was at a buddy of mines house, we downloaded the sound byte of "Welcome to Earth!" (took 5 whole minutes to download that 14 second clip. LOL) good times. good times. . .Oh and by the way, I still love watching ID4 ,if i see its on i HAVE to watch, if only to hear Robert Loggia say "Tell 'em how to bring those sons of bitches down!"

  • Sadly no one re-plays those and they never put them out on DVD. The only one I can find on youtube is for Orwell's 1984. They also did a pretty damned good Great Gatsby (compared to the 70s version).

  • It showed up on my cable one month on the sci-fi station, the action movie station, the history station (wtf?), the classic movie station, the discount movie station, and several other stations.

  • July 28, 2012, 3:42 a.m. CST

    ID4 Nerds...

    by hulkiest

    Your love for ID4 isn't based on your love for the cinema or storytelling. It's based on the fact that from 1987-1994, we were really missing sci-fi adventure movies, specifically, Star Wars movies. And ID4 was like a one night stand you meet at a bar with a nice rack but once you were done you were irritated by her big buck teeth and the way she would yell, "Yapple Dapple!" Of course, why am I on a talkback about the movie. I guess one thing about ID4: it's a memorable pity fuck. I have to admit, I'm curious about a sequel. But while the idea of ID4 was sort of a breath of fresh air in '96, it isn't any more with District 9 and Battle: LA and Battleship and on and on. I think what we would get is a sci-fi equivalent of Basic Instinct 2.

  • July 28, 2012, 4:31 a.m. CST

    The only movie they made that I ever rewatched was Stargate

    by FrodoFraggins

    Devlin indeed seems like a nice guy. But they almost always have horrible scripts.

  • July 28, 2012, 5:45 a.m. CST

    Thanks franks_television. High five to all us ID4 defenders!

    by Jared Bond

    We always come out of the woodwork whenever someone mentions it! The shot of the missiles heading towards the alien ship is still one of the most breathtaking I've ever seen. This Transformers generation can go screw itself. Here, enjoy the end titles mp3: Haters gonna hate! Also, Twister was cool. It had awesome CGI tornadoes and Helen Hunt. And Dante's Peak was way better than "Volcano".

  • July 28, 2012, 6 a.m. CST

    welcome to earf.....

    by Balkin Flabgurter

    will smith punches willow smith in the face

  • July 28, 2012, 6:01 a.m. CST

    @ i_dunno_lol

    by Balkin Flabgurter

    dantes peak FTW

  • July 28, 2012, 6:15 a.m. CST


    by Balkin Flabgurter

    Quaid returns as an alien cyborg, goes back to the trailer to try and start life over as the griswolds ( second generation ) go to see crazy uncle eddy who thinks hes an alien, he begins to tell them stories of flying jets and blowing up space ships and then asks Ed helms ( grandpa griswold is a def mute now ) to borrow 10,000 dollars so he can pay his trailer mortgage. ends up blowing the trailer mortgage on nuke supplies and thats where will smith, willow smith, little smith, and jeff goldblum all appear in a floating hovercar labeled (U.S. MILITARY BYE BYE DIVISION) where jeff goldblum makes another virus to upload into uncle eddies brain but accidentally uploads it into the dogs brain whom they discover uncle eddy turned into a robot. they shoot the psycho robot dog into space on the tactical nuke uncle eddy has built with alien powers and uncle eddy is sane again thanks to eating garlic which they find out is the cure to being an alien while they all smoke cigars to a nuke blowing up in space. and then willow smith will dance a rain dance while katy perry seals the deal with the closing credits with her new hit "wide awake"? my agent you bastards.

  • Great action flick. VERY enjoyable and INSANELY rewatchable.

  • July 28, 2012, 7:37 a.m. CST

    Two Ways Racists Self-Identify

    by menacingphantom

    1. Posting "Welcome to Earf" seconds after an ID4 talkback appears. 2. Posting about Obama in irrelevant talkbacks. Louder than dog whistles but quieter than cross burnings.

  • July 28, 2012, 8:21 a.m. CST


    by Son of a Butch

    Season 7.

  • July 28, 2012, 10:34 a.m. CST


    by spire_walk

    Yeah, "progressives" accuse white people of racism whenever they say something they disagree with. Don't like Obama's policies? You must be a racist. That could be the only reason, right? We need to send these people we dub as racists off to re-education camps at once! Making fun of Will Smith's inability to pronounce 'th' is supposed to be offensive. That's why it's funny. Racial/ethnic jokes will never die, because it's a form of rebellion against the secular religion of Political Correctness. The more little bitches whine about it, the more people will troll with racial humor. The Political Correct crowd took control of the institutions, so don't be surprised that people rebel against it, just like people did against Christianity and 1950s conservatism. Sucks, but liberal dogma is run by old has-been baby boomers and their offspring. You're the system now, and now it's considered cool to offend you fuckers, you know, like we used to offend Jesus Crispies back in the 80s with long hair and heavy metal. So, Welcome to Earf, fuckers.

  • July 28, 2012, 10:47 a.m. CST

    I generally detest Political Correctness

    by menacingphantom

    But not calling racism racism is just a republican form of PC. I grew up in the south and I have a pretty good ear for it. If you think bringing up Obama in this particular talkback makes any other kind of sense I fear for your brain function.

  • July 28, 2012, 11:43 a.m. CST

    he gave the money back?!

    by MaliceHighload

    what a maroon.

  • July 28, 2012, 1:37 p.m. CST

    Coolest ad/promo I saw was in LA weekly

    by Autodidact

    It was just a little 1/8 page box ad for some cinema showing ID4. But they had used the image of Will Smith raging in the desert... the long shot from behind where he's dragging the chute. They turned it into a silhouette. I thought it was a really cool and almost iconic.

  • I think I was about 12 when this movie came out and I remember being blown away by the original trailer for the movie. I was living and breathing this movie long before its release. I think this was one of the movies that really cemented the kind of marketing and trailers that summer blockbusters get now. With all that said, this was also the worst disappointment of my childhood with the exception of Episode 1 three years later. Even as a kid, this movie was too cheesy for its own good. I watch just about anything that gets put out so Ill see the sequel but my expectations will be dramatically lowered for part 2.

  • July 28, 2012, 4:37 p.m. CST

    And this is the best movie trailer OF ALL TIME

    by ChickenStu

  • July 28, 2012, 5:39 p.m. CST

    ID was one of those movies I enjoyed in the theater

    by Crimson Dynamo

    then saw it again on TV and realized, damn, this movie is really fucking bad. Would rather see a sequel to Stargate

  • July 28, 2012, 6:17 p.m. CST

    Welcome to Earth!

    by GeorgieBoy

    Always loved this movie. Just watched it last night in fact. What could a sequel be other than the standard "The aliens come back for more!" ???<br><br> Maybe we can learn WHY they move from planet to planet? What happened to their planet? Maybe a different alien species started a war and THAT's who comes to Earth this time?<br><br> Or an expedition to another planet finds our heroes trying to free another species from our ID4 aliens?<br><br> Or make a prequel and tie it in to Roswell and Men In Black? ;-)

  • July 28, 2012, 6:20 p.m. CST

    Or some kind of Alien abduction plot?

    by GeorgieBoy

    Poor Russell. Even after it's proved that THERE ARE FRICKIN' ALIENS IN THE UNIVERSE the people around him still don't believe he was abducted by aliens.

  • July 28, 2012, 7:26 p.m. CST

    When is Emmerich going to make Moon 44 2?

    by Gary Makin

  • July 28, 2012, 8:44 p.m. CST

    ID4 is still one of the top crowd cinema-going experiences ever.

    by TheSecondQuest

    Seriously, there have been very few films that have gotten audiences so into it like ID4 did back then (even a month+ after release). When those first missiles finally get through the shields and strike the City Destroyer, the audiences fucking EXPLODED in cheers every time I saw it. Not even Star Wars & Lord of the Ring midnights/opening night showings matched it. I think only Avengers and The Dark Knight have actually managed to top that in the past 15+ years. Maybe one other film that escapes my recollection. Either way, regardless of how opinion of the film has changed over the years after the initial "that was the best thing since Star Wars!" excitement and quoted-for-months hype wore down, it's really hard to not give the film credit for being a massive crowd pleaser.

  • July 28, 2012, 9:29 p.m. CST

    @bass ackwards: "Emmerich seems only capable of total ahit these days"

    by Hardboiled Wonderland

    I assume he meant "shit", not "ahit", and he obviously hasn't seen Emmerich's "Hell". ;-)

  • July 29, 2012, 12:22 a.m. CST


    by Liquid Meddle

  • July 29, 2012, 2:37 a.m. CST

    I remember one rumored plot I really really Liked

    by AdamDiran

    It was a plot set some years in the future where we had cracked/reverse engineered the aliens tech and were dupilicating it when it is discovered that the aliens were planning to hit another alien civilization nearby, and the choice is whether or not to intervene. It really grabbed my imagination. Will Smith, now president, making some crack about "electing a fighter pilot." This was Pre 9/11. Could they even do that movie now?

  • July 29, 2012, 3:57 a.m. CST

    ("Yeah, let's completely ignore 17 seasons of Stargate on TV")

    by Todd1700

    I'm trying to.

  • July 29, 2012, 7:50 a.m. CST

    Doesn't matter what your opinion on the SG tv show was

    by Alientoast

    The vast majority of your installed Stargate fanbase are fans of the TV show and the original movie was made in the early 90s. So if you make a sequel that ignores the TV show, who is your target audience? Any sequel would essentially have to be a complete retelling of the first movie to get non-fans caught up to speed with the whole concept of a stargate and what exactly happened (I guess they could do it like Predators and how they referenced the earlier movies as a nugget to fans). But the bigger issue is you would essentially alienate a large international audience of the TV show run. Doing a reboot of Stargate the movie may have worked if there wasn't a successful TV show that, until only recently, was still running. The fact that it only just ended a few years ago plants it firmly in the "too soon" category for potential reboots.

  • July 29, 2012, 9:29 a.m. CST

    adamdiran - interesting, but that plot wouldn't work...

    by ChickenStu

    Even with alien tech it's unnnbelievable that mankind could develop that kind of space travel in just 16 years. Even in something as preposterous as an Independence Day movie! Nah. I think a good plot would be something like a poster posted above. That the mothership was only half of an even bigger ship - and that bigger ship is on the way to finish the job. Kind of like a "second wave". But cause of alien tech, fighter jets can now leave earth's atmosphere - so we can now have massive scale outer space fights orbiting above Earth as they try to stop the invading force getting to Earth. Maybe that could work... it'd certainly look cool.

  • July 29, 2012, 9:37 a.m. CST

    Oh man...

    by I Hope You Die

    I can't wait to see the alternative history 2012 rebuilt White House get destroyed! I wonder what other alternative history monuments will bite the dust?

  • July 29, 2012, 11:28 a.m. CST

    killdeer 1 - As a matter of fact, I did ...

    by The StarWolf

    I did strongly dislike TDKR for its plot holes. except I heard them second hand from a friend who admitted he made a mistake in going to see it. Which didn't surprise me as I'd made the mistake of going to see THE DARK KNIGHT which was a fine Joker movie, but they forgot to have the Batman in it. It was an awful Batman movie and all I've hears of RISES tells me it was even worse.

  • July 29, 2012, 12:39 p.m. CST

    Is Judd Hirsch coming back?

    by mascan42

    Only is he reprises his role as Himey Jewenstein would the sequel be complete.

  • July 29, 2012, 1:11 p.m. CST

    Let me guess, this time Will Smith is the president?

    by Arafel

    Oh yes, but shouldn't we save Will Smith for the inevitable Barack Obama biopic? We can work out all of the details later. We need to get a script, and that will easily take 2-3 years minimum.

  • July 29, 2012, 1:17 p.m. CST

    Enjoyed ID4

    by matineer

    To me it's kind of a semi-classic already; a world wide alien invasion, almost fully realized. Hope they have a good idea to do the first one justice. Good toys too.

  • July 29, 2012, 8:12 p.m. CST


    by MegaBeth

    In the sequel Will Smith's character is replaced by Super Hero OBAMA who will drink a beer with the Aliens and then give them amnesty and free health care..

  • July 29, 2012, 9:27 p.m. CST

    We can call it Dependence Day,

    by My best friend

    When the economy finally collapses and the whole country is in a bread line

  • July 29, 2012, 11:09 p.m. CST

    I'm assuming the script hge wrote 10 years ago was the Fantastic Voyage riff

    by Blarg Barfington

    And I believe it was him that was saying he was all jazzed about it at the time. He must have spent the night in a hotel with a bottle of Jack and took a long, hard look at himself and decided to retrieve his soul because that would have sucked so much fucking ass.

  • Which can be explained in less than 5 seconds with the sentence.. "its a stargate made thousands of years ago, we don't know whats on the other side." (movie moves on)

  • July 30, 2012, 3:40 a.m. CST

    But in ID:4, surely the rest of the world was wiped out?

    by Johnny Wishbone

    If the aliens were coordinating their attacks, by the time the "U.S of A" sussed out how to destroy the ships the other major world cities would have been destroyed. "Spreading the word" at that point - via morse code - would have been pointless. But that's the least of ID:4's problems. Shite film.

  • July 30, 2012, 4:18 a.m. CST

    Should have zero plot holes and be more serious like TDNR

    by TheManWhoCan

    Like when batman pulled out a pistol during his first fight with Bane, and put 3 rounds in his face. problem solved ,crisis averted!

  • July 30, 2012, 6:30 a.m. CST

    ID4 and SG served it's purpose as filler in the 90's decade.

    by krylite

    .. bereft of any genre film of quality since Jurassic Park. Not until Matrix(the first fluke one) and LOTR did we see genre films at it's best again. And that intelligent filmmaking was resuscitated.

  • July 30, 2012, 7:55 a.m. CST

    shit i meant TDKR

    by TheManWhoCan


  • July 30, 2012, 10:18 a.m. CST

    Clearly, one of the worst Sci Fi movies, EVER!!!

    by Stalkeye

    1.Hot Shot Air Force Pilot whose Wife and Mother of his Child is a Stripper? 2.Pilot knocks out an alien, then smokes a Cig while making stupid Pun. 3.Pilot's Dog manage to jumps through an explosion that could have easily incinerated his ass. WTF is he Krypto the Superdog? 4. The POTUS Happens to be a Jet Pilot as well while leading an attack on Alien mothership. 5.That Ham Fisted Corny ass Speech courtesy of the Prez; "We will not cry in the Night..."!! Fuck this Movie! before Orci and Kurtzman, there was Emmerich and Devlin . Nuff Said!

  • July 30, 2012, 12:55 p.m. CST


    by eROKv

    make it an exact mirror opposite of ID4 except on the aliens homeworld and the big reveal is its HUMANS inside the mech suits, raping and pillaging alien females and babies. complete and utter annihilation of the entire species! at the end, one of the mech suits opens up and its will smiths great great grandson. he lights up a stogie and punches an alien baby in the face. roll credits.