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AICN COMICS Q&@: Matt Adler interviews the writer of BOOM’s new hit series HIGHER EARTH, Sam Humphries!!!

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Q’s by Matt Adler!

@’s by Sam Humphries
Writer of BOOM’s HIGHER EARTH!!!

Greetings Talkbackers, Matt Adler here.

I have a special audio interview with Sam Humphries, the writer of BOOM! Studios new hit series HIGHER EARTH. We gave HIGHER EARTH quite a positive review when we reviewed it on our podcast a while back. So when Sam wanted to talk further about the book, I jumped at the chance. Turns out the orders for issue #5 of this series are due this week, so if what you hear below interests you, tell your retailer to order this book and order big!

Enjoy the interview!

Direct download.

Matt Adler is a writer/journalist, currently writing for AICN among other outlets. He’s been reading comics for 20 years, writing about them for 7, and spends way, way, too much time thinking about them, which means he really has no choice but to figure out how to make a living out of them. He welcomes all feedback.

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