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AICN COMICS SDCC 2012 REPORT: SJimbrowski talks about Joss Whedon, Felicia Day’s GEEK & SUNDRY, and Adult Swim’s NTFS:SD:SUV and CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Panels!

SJimbrowski here with some recaps of some of the panels I checked out at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Look for interviews with some of these panel participants in the coming weeks.


Joss Whedon Panel

As with last year, Whedon came in with nothing prepared and took audience questions for the entire panel, answering fan questions with his usual wit. He talked about upcoming BUFFY and ANGEL & FAITH comics from Dark Horse and that while he had outlined them out, other commitments has made it impossible to be the primary writer. When asked what he preferred Movies, TV or Comics he said “Yes” and that the mediums were all different but he loved them all for different reasons. He said that he had a range of projects coming up it was just a question of which one fell into place first. He would really like to do a stage musical, but that the time commitment would be huge. He confirmed that Dr. Horrible 2 will happen and that Dr. Horrible will finally appear on TV via the CW in the fall.


Adult Swim NTFS:SD:SUV

The panel screened an episode from the new season with comic-con as the backdrop of the episode. He apologized for not using any of the footage from the panel last year, but said it would have been better if people had actually been wearing mics. The episode was solid and the season premiers on August 9th after CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. Rob Huebel (CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL) stopped by to ask a question about why they sucked so much from the mic that the audience was asking questions from, which further fueled the non-existent rivalry between the two shows. Also much discussed about the USA series SUITS, so remember in your tweets hashtag suits.



The CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL panel screened an episode from the upcoming season, solid work as amnesia struck the cast and chaos ensued. Rob Corddry was great again this year moderating the panel. When asked about why he did not go to a half hour format he made a new slogan for the show “We pack a lot of shit in this” to reference the density of the comedy within each show. Henry Winkler was asked about jumping the shark, to which he responded that he is the only person in television to jump two sharks. Paul Scheer (NTFS:SD:SUV) asked the panel, a similar question to Huebel from the audience mic of why they all sucked so much? If you attend Comic-Con this panel never disappoints.


Geek and Sundry Panel

Many new things are happening, with the launch of new channels. We saw the WRITTEN BY A KID premiere which was very funny starring none other than Mr. Whedon himself in charge of a crack S.Q.U.A.T. team (yes it is correct, what do you expect from a 10 yr old) taking a monster. THE GUILD will return in the fall of 2012, but as Felicia is working on the script right now; no specific date is available. Felicia’s Vaginal hangout that was only a hobby has become an official hangout channel with 3 other hangouts to round out the month, one has yet to be named. The 3 currently listed are AUTHOR’S ROUNDTABLE which discusses the craft of writing, VAGINAL FANTASY which discusses romance novels and smut, PENILE CODE (I am detecting a pattern here) which discusses geek men and their trials and tribulations. Coming in 2013 Paul and Storm have created a musical show reliving the episodes from their childhood called LEARNING TOWN.


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    Out of respect...

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    Written by a Kid seems like they ripped off the concept

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