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Iron Man's New Suit On Display At Comic-Con!!

The Kidd here...

Since the doors of the San Diego Convention Center opened for Preview Night earlier this week, Comic-Con goers have had a chance to view Tony Stark's suit collection from IRON MAN 3, as we saw back from the first official still from the film. 

But today there was something a little extra added to the display... Iron Man's new suit for next summer's solo sequel (as seen via THE AVENGERS Twitter account).

Click to embiggen...

Looks like we've got a new color scheme this time out, adding to the stream of cosmetic changes the suit has gone through since Tony Stark first created a rather basic but functional one in order to escape being held captive. Marvel might want to be careful with all the re-designs they go through though, primarily for merchandise sake... that's how we wound up with nipples on the Bat-suit. Just joking...

Otherwise, not a bad look... just different. 


-Billy Donnelly

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