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Mondo Creates A Set Of Limited Edition Posters For PARANORMAN!!

The Kidd here...

We'll see how long these stay on the walls across the U.S. that they're supposed up on. But, for those of you who are big Mondo fans, this is your chance to perhaps score some freebies, as Focus Features has teamed up with some of Mondo's artists for a series of limited edition posters heading into the release of PARANORMAN. 

There are five in total, all featuring the hashtag #WEIRDWINS. From what I've been told, if you find one up somewhere, you're supposed to take a photo of it and tag it as such on Twitter. What you might get from that, I don't know, but then I imagine shortly thereafter you'll be figuring out a way to walk out of wherever you are with that one sheet rolled underneath your arm. 

Click on each to embiggen...


-Billy Donnelly

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