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More Chow Fun To Be Served Up In THE HANGOVER PART III!!

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There's going to be plenty of Ken Jeong to go around for the third notch in THE HANGOVER's belt, as the actor who played the flamboyant Chinese gangster in the previous two films is set to reprise his role of Mr. Chow in THE HANGOVER PART III. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chow's part is "significantly expanded" beyond the supporting character it was in the previous two films. 

There's a bit of overlap between the shooting schedules of the third HANGOVER and the next season of NBC's COMMUNITY, but it doesn't appear that will be a problem that would prevent Jeong from doing both, as those dates are being worked out.

I'm not sure more Jeong is the best idea, as the character seemed to be at his best in small doses in the first two movies. Mr. Chow is so over the top that he becomes grating after awhile, and he lost his effectiveness in the PART II when they made him a part of the Wolfpack in some respects. We'll see if making him much more integral to the story is the wisest decision. Sometimes less is more.


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