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Carlton Cuse’s First Post-LOST Series Is A&E’s BATES MOTEL!!

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Serial murderers continue to be all the TV rage!

Just as NBC’s “Hannibal” will examine what Dr. Lecter was up to before his unsavory ways became public knowledge, so will “Bates Motel” follow the adventures of Norman Bates before the world learned he was psycho.

A&E greenlit 10 episodes without shooting a pilot. Jason Katims protégé Kerry Ehrin (“Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood”) will serve as writer and executive producer alongside Cuse.

This is Carlton Cuse’s first series since he ended his tenure as ABC’s “Lost” showrunner two years ago.

This fall we’re getting an eighth season of “Criminal Minds” and a seventh season of “Dexter.” Midseason brings both “Hannibal” and Fox’s serial-killer drama “The Following.”

In 1987, Universal shot a 90-minute "Bates Motel" pilot, but that was a sequel that followed Norman's asylum roommate (played by Bud Cort) after the "cured" roomie inherited the motel.

Find all of Deadline’s story on the matter here.

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