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Flashy New International Trailer For LOOPER Reveals A Little More Than It Should!


Beaks here...

Now that we're halfway through the 2012, I can safely say that Rian Johnson's time-travel yarn LOOPER is a lock for my year-end top ten. I've already written a non-spoiler review of the film (based on an early test screening), and when I watched the below-embedded international trailer, I got all excited to watch it again. I'm confident it'll fire you up, too, but here's the problem: there are some reveals in this trailer that might slightly diminish the fun of piecing together the film as you're watching it. Johnson agrees. Here's what he had to say on Twitter earlier today.

If you're already set on seeing Looper, I'd avoid any trailers from here on out. They don't ruin the movie, but they tip a few little things that are fun to discover in the context of the movie.

He later clarified this with another tweet.

Just to clarify - I approved all the trailers, they're great an they won't ruin anything big. But the small things they tip are fun to discover in the movie.

But for those of you who are skeptical about the film, prepare to be de-skepticized!



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