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THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS incredible eye peril shot released is one to grab your eyes!

Hey folks, Harry here...  There are promo shots and then there are promo shots.  One of my crew on AICwHK (a man mouse I think of as Col. Travis) called my attention to this eye blowing shot that just screams that this is a particular genre of Kung Fu that the folks that love STORY OF RICKY should come to love, which is RZA's directorial debut, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS.   Eli Roth wrote the script with RZA - and then they put together a cast that should definitely get a few interested folks.   Let's see, you've got Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung and PAM GRIER.   Then there's Dave Bautista, the great Chia Hui Liu, Rick Yune, the always brilliant Jake Garber, Shaw Brother constant Ka-Yan Leung and the star of CRIPPLED AVENGERS - Kuan Tai Chen.   The cast continues - and with a shot like this and a cast of martial arts badasses and - fuck it, any martial arts film that has a guy knocking the eye out of someone's skull...  well that's a fucking Kung Fu movie with my full attention.   I mean seriously.   It's that fucking cool!  This is 


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