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The trailer for SINISTER is fucking sinister!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm so excited for this film.   First off, MASSAWYRM wrote it, which means if I hate it I get to write the funniest angry review ever.    But, given that a lot of my friends saw the film during SXSW - and they seemed to all love the thing.   In fact, they loved it so much, that other horror films they saw after it at SXSW this year, they shat on, citing SINISTER as how to do scary right.   

So then, I see the trailer tonight - and yeah.  This is the sort of scary movie that will leave purple bruises on my arm from YOKO's 5 Finger Death Grip.    I can tell.   AND - yeah, the premise of an attic of scary shit...  is the reason why I will never ever go in attics.   Fuck that noise.   Whatever is up there, whatever cursed material is waiting to fuck up my standard of happiness...  It can just stay the fuck up there.   As soon as I discovered it was about the family that was slaughtered.  Shit would be in Police Custody.   But, I'm pretty chickenshit when it comes to spooky cursed shit.   I mean, if a whole family got slaughtered...  HOW COULD YOU LIVE THERE.   WITH YOUR FAMILY!   I mean, Ethan Hawke is evidently not a horror fan, he hasn't seen AMITYVILLE HORROR - which teaches you to research the homicidal lunacy of your home.   And stay away from the basements of those places.   

Anyway...  I can't wait.   I really can't.   Now, here's the trailer...  sleep tight...


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