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J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK Sequel Gets The IMAX Treatment And A Release Date!!

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Paramount is prepared to boldly go where no other STAR TREK movie has gone before next summer, now that they've announced the sequel to J.J. Abrams' franchise reboot is taking flight on May 17, 2013, but also doing so in IMAX 3D. 

A few sequences of the film have been shot with IMAX cameras, so seeing the film in the dreaded LIE-MAX won't do it complete justice. You'll have to find a real IMAX theatre to see the Enterprise and whatever else Abrams has in store for you in all its glory. However, after a really fantastic initial offering that had me, a non-TREK fan wanting more, the fact that he's looking to up the ante for the follow-up is pretty exciting. 

Don't expect to see anything from STAR TREK 2 (or whatever they're going to call it at San Diego Comic-Con) though. Paramount isn't coming to Hall H to show anything. 


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