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I enjoyed SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN quite a bit.  Yes, its pacing was challenged...a tad lacking in energy for a tale which was otherwise vibrant in so many ways.  This notwithstanding, Greig Fraser's photography was stellar, James Newton Howard brought one of his best scores in years...

...Dominic Watkins' production design was stunning, Charlize Theron utterly, utterly conquered a role which could well have come across as cheesy and mundane, and The Powers That Be seemed to approach their use of Kristen Stewart wisely - rarely affording her material beyond her limited and sleepy scope.  

The picture performed quite nicely last weekend, its opening weekend (bringing in $56-something million domestically), and it is now approaching $120 million globally (it should handsomely surpass that this weekend).  All of which is enough to entice Universal to set to work on a sequel - a possibility which was alluded to on a few occasions before the film's issuance.  

Per Deadline...

Universal commenced David Koepp to write the sequel script,


The studio is now talking with director Rupert Sanders about a return, after he made his feature directing debut on the first installment.


Very interested to see how this one develops - more as we know more...




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