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Brad Peyton Is All Shook Up To Direct SAN ANDREAS 3D!!

The Kidd here...

You never can have enough disaster movies coming your way, so it makes perfect sense for New Line to add SAN ANDREAS 3D to the docket, bringing Brad Peyton (JOURNEY 2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND) on-board to direct.

Peyton, who held his own with plenty of visual effects with the JOURNEY sequel, would bring a massive earthquake to California this time around, according to The Hollywood Reporter, giving New York a movie off from being destroyed (after all, it's usually one or the other). 

As for the rest of the story, that's being kept quiet, although I can imagine it being an ensemble piece where a hero dies, a dog is in trouble, some kids need to be rescued and... well, we've been here before. 

This sounds an awful lot like another earthquake movie (hmmm... EARTHQUAKE perhaps), and New Line is sure to be counting on California being destroyed to be enough to bring them in at the box office... but can we please just for once have a flick like this that actually has a story we can sink our teeth into also? How about it, New Line? 

I like watching shit get wrecked as much as the next guy/girl... but after awhile, it all starts to look less impressive and very much the same. We can do better... so please do. 


-Billy Donnelly

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