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What're The Wachowskis Looking To Make With Jupiter Ascending??

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It's been four years now since the Wachowskis got behind the camera for SPEED RACER, but with CLOUD ATLAS coming later this year, and 

Things have been super secret over in the camp of the Wachowskis as the move ahead on their original sci-fi epic JUPITER ASCENDING. All we know so far is that Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum are attached, but, more than that, no one's known what story they're looking to tell exactly... that is, until now. 

Vulture managed to get their hands on a pretty extensive plot layout that finally keys us into what JUPITER ASCENDING is about. 

A recent Russian immigrant — played by actual Ukrainian immigrant Mila Kunis — who is busily scrubbing toilets for a living. Unbeknownst to her, she actually possesses the same perfect genetic makeup as the Queen of the Universe and is therefore a threat to her otherwise immortal rule.

These evolved beings fall into various different groups, all of which share some human DNA but who have become evolved after being bred with animal DNA to heighten their best characteristics — e.g., soldiers getting their fearlessness, strength, and a pack mentality from wolves; workers getting their industriousness and reputation for diligence from bees.

Pretty soon, a bounty hunter of the evolved-being type is dispatched to dispose of the Cleaning Lady with the Great Pair of Nucloetides, but, as you’d expect with a MATRIX re-dux, they fall in love... And for having fallen for his target, the bounty hunter — who we hear will be played by Channing Tatum — well, let’s just say that things get messy after that, because his employers take a-less-than-enlightened-being reaction to his decision to protect rather than kill her.

Well, the Wachowskis certainly aren't afraid to take risks, are they?


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