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THOR 2 Adds One Of Its Villains... But Which Villains Will They Be...?

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THOR 2 will still feature Tom Hiddleston in a prominent role as Loki, but, as I've been hearing for some time, there'll be another villain who'll share the spotlight. That just may not have been the whole truth, as it seems two new villains may be added to the mix, with half of that equation now being cast.

Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to play one of the unknown villains, according to Variety, but that character may not remain a mystery for too long as the latest rumblings have it being The Executioner. 

Bleeding Cool recently stated "with utmost confidence" that the Enchantress would be a part of the THOR sequel, which would make for one of the additional villains. Who is the Enchantress? Well, let's just say in her first appearance in the Thor comics, she is sent to Earth by Odin to kill Jane Foster who is seen as a distraction to Thor (well, that would certainly tie Natalie Portman perfectly into the film). However, the Enchantress does not travel alone, bringing along the Executioner to help get the job done, which would fit as a nice sensible slot for Mikkelsen. 

The Enchantress, who aids Loki quite often in the comics, the Executioner AND Loki operating opposite the Thor...? Sounds like that's exactly where this could be headed. 

So who do you like for the Enchantress then?



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