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AICN COMICS EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Check out this exclusive preview of Ambush Bug’s THE JUNGLE BOOK #3 in stores next week!!!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug with an exclusive preview of the latest issue of GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK. Sure, this is a bit of self promotion, but I feel it’s ok to let folks know about some of the side projects I have going on in hopes that if you like the stuff I do here at AICN, you might want to check out THE JUNGLE BOOK! Issue three takes us deep into Kipling Isle as Mowglii and Baloo encounter the unpredictable Apes of Bandar Log and the maniacal Bandar Louis. Artist Carlos Granda really knocked this issue out of the park, as you can see from the pages below. Since I previewed the previous two issues here on AICN, there have been folks asking about the third issue, so here are a few choice pages of what to expect from Zenescope’s THE JUNGLE BOOK #3 when it hits the racks next week!


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