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Tom Hardy Brings The Badass In These Two Clips From LAWLESS!

Published at: May 22, 2012, 11:34 a.m. CST by Nordling

Nordling here.

You know what sucks about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?  I'll say it flat out.  We have an amazing actor in Tom Hardy; he's intense, has a great emotional range, and a real physical presence onscreen.  And TDKR has this terrific actor with a mask on, blocking off the audience from almost all of his emotions.  Now, Hardy can put it in the eyes, and for TDKR that may well be enough; I haven't seen it.  It's just an issue I have with the footage I've seen so far.

Now in John Hillcoat's LAWLESS?  We get Tom Hardy in all his glory, and I am seriously stoked to see him face off with other greats like Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman.  For now, though, we have these two clips - one where Hardy and Pearce size each other up:

And in the other, Hardy lays down a little brotherly advice to Shia LeBeouf:

LAWLESS opens this August.  Lock and load.

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