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Do you like boobies in 3D? Do you like Exploitive Fun all a smackin' you upside the eyeballs? PIRANHA 3DD - Free Screening - Austin with John Gulager in Attendance!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Alright - enough of the family friendly stuff...  it's time to get raunchy.  I'm a sucker for this franchise - going all the way back to Joe Dante's original - which had Phil Tippet designed Piranha - and set the tone for all that followed.   There will be skin.   There will be blood.   And there are weird, not exactly Piranhas, but mean ugly and slightly cute buggers that just love to strip meat from the bone.   In Aja's relaunch of the epic PIRANHA franchise - he made these biting bastards even more comedic than they had been before.   And really, didn't we all need to see a fish vomit forth a cock and then eat it again? I mean - we needed that.   This time, they're bringing in David Hasslehoff - and while I have seen Hasslehoff's penis upside down in a room full of bubbles - and his character name was "Boner" (REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS) - I'm betting it won't be repeated in this film...  but then this is directed by John Gulager - and he's game for all the right wrong things!

Alright - after a clip like that - you're now wondering...   Hasselhoff's penis is underwater...  there are obviously Piranha in the pool due to all the blood.   Will the Hoff cock survive?

Join me this Wednesday as we all become investigative journalist seeking the truth!   Now the kind of audience I'm seeking for this have raunch in their blood.   SO - how do you get in to this free screening this Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:30pm at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar?  Where you're allowed to drink as much alcohol as your bladder can hold for a movie!

First, send an email to hk at with the subject line:

Show me blood, guts & private parts at the Alamo Drafthouse now!!!

then in the body of your email list your full name and the names of up to 3 of your raunchiest lovers, friends & co-conspirators.  

This is first come first serve - but take the time to tell me the grossest thing that one of your guests or yourself have done.   No gross no tickets.

See you there!!!

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