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While Jackie Chan seems to be retiring from Action Films, his son Jaycee Chan is warming up with DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Generational acting doesn't always pass on.  There are cases of it working out, most notably with the Barrymores and Carradines...  Brandon Lee made quite a go of it and was unfortunately taken from the world way way waaaay too early.   But now the day after I hear about Jackie Chan's announced retiring from performing in Action Films...  I get word that his son Jaycee Chan is ramping up his own career.   Take a look at the trailer for DOUBLE TROUBLE...

There ya go...  Feels like they're trying for a totally Eastern version of RUSH HOUR - with Jaycee playing a Beijing security guard that teams up with a Taipei security guard to reacquire a Chinese Painting of Legend.   Now this isn't Jaycee's first film - he's been working since 2004...  but DOUBLE TROUBLE is going to get a U.S. release beginning on June 8th in select theaters across the U.S.   

I look forward to following his career with interest.  How about you?

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