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While Jackie Chan seems to be retiring from Action Films, his son Jaycee Chan is warming up with DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Published at: May 19, 2012, 6:25 p.m. CST

Hey folks, Harry here...  Generational acting doesn't always pass on.  There are cases of it working out, most notably with the Barrymores and Carradines...  Brandon Lee made quite a go of it and was unfortunately taken from the world way way waaaay too early.   But now the day after I hear about Jackie Chan's announced retiring from performing in Action Films...  I get word that his son Jaycee Chan is ramping up his own career.   Take a look at the trailer for DOUBLE TROUBLE...

There ya go...  Feels like they're trying for a totally Eastern version of RUSH HOUR - with Jaycee playing a Beijing security guard that teams up with a Taipei security guard to reacquire a Chinese Painting of Legend.   Now this isn't Jaycee's first film - he's been working since 2004...  but DOUBLE TROUBLE is going to get a U.S. release beginning on June 8th in select theaters across the U.S.   

I look forward to following his career with interest.  How about you?

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