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There's Something Inside The Trailer For THE POSSESSION!!

The Kidd here...

There seems to be another possession/exorcism movie popping up everywhere you turn these days, and, after awhile, they are start looking the same and blending together... which is why when something that looks to do something different with the concept comes along, we take notice.

And that brings me to the trailer for THE POSSESSION (via Yahoo!).

This one's got Sam Raimi's name attached as a producer to help get it on the radar, but it's the creepiness of the imagery that should keep it there. THE POSSESSION previously went by the name DIBBUK BOX, based on this 2004 L.A. Times article about a haunted Jewish cabinet box. Madison Davenport as the young daughter and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as her concerned dad seem to have this one grounded, so we'll see if it can live up to the potential. I'm thinking with that money shot it can. 


-Billy Donnelly

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