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A Very Cool FAST SIX Casting Possibility!!

Merrick here...

This hit late last week, but I held on posting it pending further details...which I pursued...but unfortunately  they never arrived.  Nonetheless, watch this space & we'll update as we know more.  

In short:  the mighty El Mayimbe over at Latino Review is reporting that the amazing David Tennant  (the tenth Doctor on 2005+ DOCTOR WHO)...whose fun and substantive appearance in the recent FRIGHT NIGHT remake was strangely and woefully under-publicized... evidently in talks with returning director Justin Lin to appear in the sixth FAST AND THE FURIOUS film.  Which, at the moment, appears to be entitled FAST SIX...if only by default.  

Tennant is an amazing presence on-screen, and inserting him into Lin's gritty and stylized NOS-headed crimeverse would likely net spectacular results.  I loved the hell out of FAST FIVE, and am very much looking forward to this new picture -  especially is Tennant and The Powers That Be make this so.

No word yet on who Tennant would play...a badguy? of Dwayne Johnsons' Euro operatives?...but there's a bit more on the matter HERE!




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