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This Audio Clip From PROMETHEUS Sounds Appropriately Meaty

Nordling here.

That international trailer for PROMETHEUS released on Sunday was too much for me - I thought that it tipped its hand a bit too much, especially with the SPOILER vagina cobra thingy END SPOILER.  But we're through the looking glass here, people, and so I'll probably ravenously consume every piece of footage we get from here on in.  I'll try to restrain myself, but damn, it's hard.

This came from Prometheus Movie News care of Swiss site Blogbusters - apparently Fox released some audio from a sequence in the movie, but in reverse, and when played forward, well, I think it references one of the scene snippets we saw in the international trailer.  Spoilers ahoy-hoy:

PROMETHEUS opens  - hell, you all know when it opens.

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