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So They Showed Some New EXPENDABLES 2 Material At CinemaCon 2012...

Merrick here...

Latino Review has a description of an EXPENDABLES 2 trailer which premiered at CinemaCon 2012.  Word is this promo will soon start making the rounds officially, so we'll be able to see it for ourselves in pretty short order.  Until then, here's a tease...


The trailer started off with team in the jungle surrounded by ruthless soldiers, and Barny Ross (played by Sylvester Stallone) kills the soldiers using his finger as a pistol. Actually, the new recruit The Kid (played by Liam Hemsworth) was the sniper that killed the soldiers.

[EDIT] also focused on Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in action for the sequel.


Schwarzenegger and Willis driving in a tiny European smart car


[UPDATE from Monty Cristo at CinemaCon:  Hey guys, I saw this trailer last night before the screening of WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING. The trailer includes hand-to-hand combat between Stallone and Van Damme, Schwarzenegger invoking one of his classic catchphrases, Chuck Norris making a crowd-rousing entrance, and a general look and feel that excites me more about the film than any of the promo material for the first one did. The lineup of badasses combined with the kinetic energy of this trailer makes me think that this is what a lot of fans out there need to see to get pumped for this movie. The trailer will premiere soon enough, attached to the front of AVENGERS on May 4th.]


You can find further description of the trailer HERE.  EXPENDABLES 2 hits screens this August.  


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