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The Eyes Have It For THE HOST's Teaser One Sheet!!

The Kidd here...

Not too long ago, we got an old school teaser trailer  - all tease, no footage - for THE HOST, an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi romance. It was all about the eye indicator seen when the parasitic aliens involved take over human bodies. Now that we've got a teaser one sheet for the film, it's much of the same direction.

It's pretty clear Open Road Films is aiming directly for a piece of the TWILIGHT audience, which is why Meyer's name is prominently displayed. From a business standpoint, there ain't nothing wrong with that. THE TWILIGHT SAGA has been a cash-printing operation for Summit all along, so trying to tap into the same crowd that divided themselves into Team Edward and Team Jacob sounds like a solid idea, especially if they only manage to grab a fraction of those dollars, which would still be significant. The only problem with that is people who may have been interested to see an Andrew Niccol film may turn the other way now because of their TWILIGHT hate. 

I'm not looking to dismiss the film when all we've seen is the poster and teaser trailer. I'm actually hopeful that Niccol has another good film ready to go for us. GATTACA and THE TRUMAN SHOW are excellent films... and I've got to think this is at least better than S1M0NE and IN TIME. 


-Billy Donnelly

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