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3 days till we get the LOOPER Trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Looks like LOOPER is jumping on the "here's a teaser lettting you know we have a trailer coming up, so pay attention folks" sorta thing...  and I'm fine with this, in a way - it can kinda warm fans up for the trailer.   Not that you necessarily need it, but it gets us talking and chattering amongst ourselves about what exactly would be involved in a Rian Johnson Time Travel - Action Spectacular where the younger version of an assassin is tasked with killing his future self.   At the surface level - it does remind me of the long gestating Jerry Bruckheimer project THE GEMINI MAN - which at one point was going to have Old Clint Eastwood vs Young Clint Eastwood - but was last seen in the hands of Curtis Hanson, but I haven't heard anything on that project for a while, although AICN has been tracking since about 1997 or so it seems - but damn...  I'm just dying to see LOOPER.   Rian Johnson has been 2 for 2 with BRICK and THE BROTHERS BLOOM.   One of AICN's staff has already seen the film - and they tell me it is extraordinary.    This is one to get excited about folks.  I hear it is amazing.

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