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The Kidd Has The Winners For South Florida's Advance Screening Of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS!!

The Kidd here...

I'm really looking forward to checking out THE CABIN IN THE WOODS with an enthused audience. The first time I saw the film, there were literally three other people in the theatre with me, and I still had a blast watching it. What's it going to be like with the right crowd? I anticipate something even better.

I've got two lists here for the South Florida advance screening of the film, the first being our reserved seating winners, the latter being for general admission tickets. So let's get to it, so you know if you're in or out for Monday night.

  • Randy Anderson
  • Matt Benivegna
  • Carl Boehm
  • Orr Bortman
  • Kevin Bosch
  • Curtis Dabros
  • Victor Dominguez
  • Geoffrey Goodland
  • Don Harbour 
  • Susan Harbour
  • Daniel Katzin
  • Dulce Lamboy
  • Jason Nanna
  • Rob Osborn
  • Daniella Parra
  • Marina Perkovic
  • Sarah Roffman
  • Matthew Schenk
  • Alisa Shikaleeva
  • Jennifer Udan
  • Michael Udan
  • Erica Wigdor
  • Ben Wilson
  • Casey Woods
  • David Yaffe

If you made that cut, you've got guaranteed seats being held for you inside the theatre until 7:15 p.m. Once that time comes, we're releasing the seats, so be punctual, or you're going to be screwed. 

Okay, now here's the rest of you who managed to score tickets to the screening:

  • Alexander Alvarez (+1)
  • Marc Berkovits (+1)
  • Jared Blaut (+1)
  • Matt Botkin (+1)
  • Brett Circe (+1)
  • Frank Connell (+1)
  • Sean Cronin (+1)
  • Antwon Emery
  • Darian Faroy (+1)
  • Nayadete Gonzalez (+1)
  • Danny Gorrin (+1)
  • James Hall (+1)
  • Susan Kramarz (+1)
  • Jason Madrid (+1)
  • Trudy Madrid (+1)
  • Ryan McCullough (+1)
  • Mike McCroskery (+1)
  • Natalie Millet
  • William Osceola (+1)
  • Brandon Pellegrino (+1)
  • Ashley Pumarada (+1)
  • Jessica Ramirez (+1)
  • David Rodriguez (+1)
  • Richard Shuster (+1)
  • Kraig Weiss (+1)

That's it. Those are the lists.


Winners will be getting ticket pick-up instructions soon enough in their emails, so, if you made the cut, keep an eye out for that. If you don't receive anything fairly quickly, email me, and I'll get you that info.

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks again to Lionsgate.

See you Monday night. 


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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