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Bring COMIC-CON and Morgan Spurlock to You: Orlando, Miami, Baltimore, Milford CT, Las Vegas, Westbury NY, Atlanta!

"Monty Cristo" here.


We're planning some really cool things with the people at Tugg, so that we can bring more screenings of more movies to people all across the US (and eventually the world, we hope).

In the VERY near future, they've just announced something that Ain't It Cool felt the need to mobilize our army of geeks to make happen.


Over the next couple of weeks, 7 cities can make screenings of COMIC-CON EPISODE 4: A FAN'S HOPE happen, complete with live Morgan Spurlock Q&A.

Here's how it works: you pre-pay for a $10 ticket to the movie screening in question. If it hits the threshold of number of tickets sold needed, then boom: screening happens. If it doesn't meet the threshold, the temporary authoriation is removed from your card.


These things should be full-on EVENTS. Cosplayers should dress up, online gamer guilds should have meetups, and geek pals who don't hang out as often as they should MUST convene and make the most out of them that they can. This movie is best experienced communally, and that is where Tugg comes in.


If you live in or know people in these cities, get these tickets sold and make these screenings happen. If they don't hit the thresholds listed on their individual show pages, they can't happen, so buy now and don't wait. Click on these links to show the world the power of geek demand:


7pm Monday, 9 April
Lake Buena Vista, FL
AMC Downtown Disney 24

7pm Tuesday, 10 April
Aventura, FL
AMC Aventura 24


Florida, make this happen!

These two screenings in particular have just two days on them left as of this writing, so if they don't hit the threshold by this time on Friday, they won't happen.


9:30pm Friday, 13 April
Owings Mills, MD
AMC Owings Mill 17

7:30pm Sunday, 15 April
Milford, CT
Rave Connecticut Post 14

7pm Monday, 16 April
Las Vegas, NV
Rave Town 18

7pm Thursday, 19 April
Westbury, NY
AMC Raceway 10

5pm Sunday, 22 April
Atlanta, GA
AMC Phipps Plaza 14


Let's say that you don't live in one of these places, but want to make additional screenings happen in your city. The success of these 7 shows will help dictate how many more screenings can be added.


When I saw this movie on closing night at Fantastic Fest 2011, it really hit me deeply.

It speaks to the collective geek spirit, and what being a geek really entails: that focused passion in one of a million genre and outlet. It reminded me of why I started reading Ain't It Cool in the late 90's, became a film prgorammer in college, and started writing about film almost a decade ago.

It reminded me of watching Star Trek, Star Wars, and many others with my little brother. It reminded me of the time when I chose a comic book artist (Joe Quesada) when charged by a high school class to do a project on an illustrator of latin descent. It reminded me of first bonding with my wife over a mutual love of JURASSIC PARK, TOMBSTONE, and JAWS. It reminded me of so many distinct memories, and talking with others after the screening, they had a similar experience.

It's a really special experience for all of geek kind. Let's get this thing in front of as many audiences as possible!


Here's the trailer:



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