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Roland Emmerich + White House =

Merrick here...

James Vanderbilt, scripter of the forthcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and its theoretical sequel, has a screenplay called WHITE HOUSE DOWN which sold to Sony for $3 million dollars last week, and now Roland Emmerich is looking to direct it.  

Per THIS piece at Deadline...

The film focuses on a paramilitary takeover of the White House and was compared to Die Hard...

This new project recalls (slightly) ONE NATION, on which Emmerich was working alongside Dean Devlin quite a few years ago.  That conspiracy thriller involved an FBI agent investigating a conspiracy while an impeached president refuses to exit the White House.  

Vanderbilt also scripted Len Wiseman's upcoming TOTAL RECALL revisitation, as well as David Fincher's ZODIAC in 2007.  

The White House doesn't fare to well in Emmerich films.  The place was famously 'sploded by resource hoarding aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY...


...and symbolically crushed/engulfed by an aircraft carrier riding a mega-wave in 2012.


Who knows how, or if, Emmerich will attempt to match or best such potent iconography in WHITE HOUSE DOWN, but at the very it'll be amusing to see what he has up his sleeve.  


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