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No, James Cameron Is NOT Directing PROMETHEUS 2...

Nordling here.

So, here's the timeline...

Yesterday (remember the date), posted an article saying that James Cameron was going to make a movie covering the gap between PROMETHEUS and ALIEN.  But... I never trust most articles written on April Fool's Day.  As a rule we here at Ain't It Cool don't post articles like that.  Sure enough, if you go to the source link on the article, you get this:

With me so far?  Well, The Guardian UK unfortunately found the story and ran with it.  The Guardian UK is a reputable news site, so they should have caught this, but everyone makes mistakes.

Now, this morning, Deadline Hollywood has picked it up and ran with it, despite being told by several commenters that it's a hoax (those comments are gone right now, but people on Twitter have stated they posted them only to have them deleted).

I'm not going to comment on entertainment news organizations falling for a hoax - it happens.  I don't like to post news articles myself on April Fool's because it's tough to know if it's legit and unless there's solid information to back it up it's best to let the news play itself out.   I realize this is a non-story for sure, but it's important for people to know that James Cameron, as far as we know, is not working on PROMETHEUS 2.  He's too busy with AVATAR 2 and his undersea explorations.  If he becomes involved at some point, we'll let you know as soon as something solid comes down the pipe.

Nordling, out. Follow me on Twitter!

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