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Houston! I've Got Tickets For THE CABIN IN THE WOODS On April 9th!

Nordling here.

I've seen THE CABIN IN THE WOODS twice now, and it just gets better.  The second time I went in looking for cracks in the plot, and no only could I not find any, but the movie's plot intricacies were even stronger and the movie had no weaknesses that I could see.  I really think this one will stand the test of time and become a horror classic, looked on fondly by aficionados of the genre in the coming years.  Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon expose the man behind the curtain in the whole horror genre and the result is incredibly smart and wicked entertainment.

And for you good folks in Houston, you get to see it early and for free!  I'll be screening this on April 9th, at Edwards Greenway Grand Palace at 7:00 PM.  For your pass, go to, log in (or set up an account) and enter this for the RSVP Code:


Each pass admits 2 people, and as this is an overbooked screening, your pass does not guarantee admission so get there early.  Print your pass and bring it to Edwards Grand Palace on April 9th and let this awesome movie blow your mind.  Hope to see you there - yeah, I'm going a third time.  Don't do that very often, let me tell you.

Nordling, out.  Follow me on Twitter!

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